Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Been 7 Months Now!

This is Elder Nine's mom. 

It's been 7 months now since Elder Nine's return and I realized I never uploaded the video of his homecoming. So here it is. 

As I look at this video again, I feel as if it happened just this afternoon. My heart is full of love for this son of mine. My heart is also full of thanksgiving for the man he has chosen to be and is still becoming. He is a man that loves truly and deeply, that is loyal to his family, God, and friends. He chooses to be humble and meek when it comes to following what he knows to be true and right, and to listening to counsel from the Lord and His prophets, as well as to his parents. He is a hard worker, he has a pure heart, a great sense of humor, a smart mind, and a love for serving his fellow man. He is not afraid to "face the music" and prefers to be straight-forward rather than beat around the bush when it comes to facing life. He is not one that will do whatever it takes to "save face", but rather faces his fears and confronts those moments with honesty.  

As I look at this video and think upon the character of man my son is, I pray with all my heart he will be blessed one day to find the right type of faithful, humble, strong woman for him. I pray he will always be in tune with the Spirit of the Lord so he will recognize her when he sees her. I pray together they will love and care for each other always and inspire each other all their lives so that they will make it back to Father in Heaven and be able to be together forever with their family and extended family. 

He has made us so very proud to have come this far and accomplished all he's accomplished so far, and I have no doubt the Lord is equally pleased.  I pray the Lord will always watch over him, wherever he goes in this life, and bless him with great faith, meekness, humility, wisdom, and the pure love of Christ, which is Charity.