Friday, July 26, 2013

Mission Letter Week 1 - 26 July 2013

ELDER A IS IN MY DISTRICT!!!!!! I totally forgot about him! hahaha. How do I know him again??  Reply to this one on DearElder so I can get it asap. :D I haven't met anyone else on there yet companions are totally awesome though!!! :D Elders B and C. Elder B got here late from Canada due to flight delays and Elder C  is from Tucson, Arizona. Also one of our ZL's (Zone Leaders) is from Houston so we bonded pretty fast. hahaha.

HOLY COW! so I've learned more in the last two days about the gospel and how to invite others to Christ than I have in my entire life! It's SO awesome here and I'm having a SWELLTASTIC time. The Elders in our District and Zone are amazing and the Sisters in our Zone are too! Sadly we have no Sisters in our District but oh well haha...Tell Daddy to stop laughing at that! ;) OH B T DUBS (Be The Way). I got called as a ZL with my companions starting on Sunday!! (And in case it wasn't clear yet, we are a trio companionship haha) All in all it's been amazing and VERY busy. I've started in Grandpa's journal and plan to write in it everyday. Getting my thoughts onto paper after the day is done is really nice, very calming.

We have also started to teach "mock investigators", so that's fun. :D It is actually more difficult than I thought to teach someone by inviting instead of appearing to shove it down their throats... Gotta watch out for that, my Wagner blood takes over! There is sooo much I want to talk about but I just don't have the time!! (Fridays are my P-day while at the MTC BTW) I know everything is kinda randomly ordered right now - haha. They really just threw us into the fray so it's a little high tension right now. Next Friday I'll have more time because today was only a half P-day... Next Friday is all day. :) Oh, a fun fact for this email, a Sister here has been here 9 weeks and will be here 3-4 more to learn Croatian... or however you spell that language. And something else....that's a long time O.O. Haha!  Alright well I gotta run now so I'll email next Friday! I love you guys a ton and hope I do well for you, the Lord, myself, and most importantly the investigators out there waiting to hear the Word.

Be yourself. Open your mouth...That's my new signature line...tell Bro JB that. :) (I forgot to bring my contacts book with me soooo yeah.)

P.S. I did get the DearElder mail you sent but haven't had time to read it I'll reply to that asap. :)

Okay for reals- bye this time :) BYE!

Elder Nine

OH! And don't worry about emailing too much haha! Just remember I only have an hour total to do emails a week.  Love you! Bye again!

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