Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Entering the MTC - 24 July 2013

The long-awaited day!  Entering the MTC.  Wow. Is this real?  How did this day get here SO FAST?

Making a quick stop on the way to get a picture with BYU's Cougar in front of the stadium

Whisked off to the MTC - It's actually a VERY organized "Drive Thru" with other Missionaries escorting them, carrying their bags, and guiding them to where they need to go.
These Missionaries hit the ground running. Literally.  They get started on classes and studying as soon as they get there. Unpacking is done later that evening.
The typical and Traditional picture standing by the world map in the MTC and pointing to where his mission is.

Showing the guys how to do push-ups the "motivational way" - put a Little Debbie Oatmeal & Cream Pie on the floor

Then, every time you go down, you take a bite...

Just try to not lose it and laugh in the middle of it....
And try to not squish it into the carpet!

THAT is how to motivate yourself to do push-ups!

My goofy son that I love so much! Who else would come up with such ideas? ;)

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