Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mission Letter Week 29 - 02 Februrary 2014


So I'll apologize right now for the rest of this transfer because since we are on bikes the zone leaders are our "car support". Elders A and F do the best they can but sometimes we will be short on email time. The sacrifice of leadership. :P So I have limited time today more than ever before. As far as videos, I just haven't had time but I promise I will get them on there asap. For example, today is a day I wont be able to. XD

Cool news, the baptismal pants you guys sent me that were small enough that I couldn't fasten fit me quite nicely. >:) Oh yes. Speaking of clothes, my white shirts are no longer white, especially where my backpack straps go...I'm not too worried about it but a sister in my ward made me promise to tell my mother about I am. :D

The Nutella was about halfway gone by the time I left RV ward but unfortunately I had to leave it with Elder S because I couldn't pack it in. :/ But it was, and is, being put to good use. :D

Yep, I email Elders N and S occasionally still and we see each other at larger mission meetings! It's like seeing family when you see an old companion. Haha.

We have a LOT of investigators but the ones that are truly progressing right now is the V family (to avoid using their name). Sister V is SO converted already and has set March 1st as her baptismal date and her youngest son, RJ, and middle daughter, A, as well! The youngest daughter is only 2, so she's okay for now.....and SUPER CUTE! XP Like, you don't even know.....but she does, hahaha! So the oldest son and daughter, N and H are kind of our main focus right now even though we are working with the whole family. N is just more concerned about his 3 point shot than church right at least I can relate to basketball, and he has been softening up to the idea of coming to church more often. H…wow, H. She really needs a lot of help right now. Spiritual help. And a lot of prayers. N as well, but H is having a tough time right now and struggles with some things. She has made HUGE progress though and even came to church this last Sunday. She didn't want to go to Young Women’s though for 3rd hour so we just watched The Restoration video with her and talked about questions she has. The stories are endless and I could go on but long-story-short she just needs love. From God, from family, from missionaries, from good people. It makes me cry at night when I think about the V family and the pains they are going through. They really do struggle and I really do love them SO MUCH. Sis V at least is a good strong support but even still they have their bad times. I guess we all do, though. I just love them.

I wish I could go on and on right now. I have seen the Atonement LITERALLY change this family's life around just in the last two weeks. Do you remember Elder W? He was my first Zone Leader. I sent a pic of him and Elder M in service clothes during my first 6 weeks out. :P Well Elder W just left for home at the beginning of this transfer (as in, he is done with his two years) and this is the last area he served in. I wish you had known him because then that would mean a whole lot more to you guys. When it comes to a testimony of the Atonement, no one I have met has ever "beat" his. He came out as an emo punk that listened to screamo. He went home an entirely different MAN. Not a boy, a MAN. Again, I could go on. He really touched the V family's hearts and has opened up the pathway for them to come to the gospel. I count it a blessing and a miracle that Elder J and I were counted worthy by the Lord to be the ones to come in and help them on their way. I know that the Atonement can change everyone. It has changed Elder W, it is changing the V family, it is changing me. Only through Christ can we be made perfect. I am sure you will hear me more than hundred times testify of the Atonement. Over and over and over and over and over. It is the greatest thing on the earth. The greatest thing EVER. I love this church, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the always-inviting-change-and-improvement nature of it.

Changing topics, in reply to Daddy, that is very sad and happy to see Dawson moving on. He is a great young man. I understand your missing him but also the joy in seeing him grow. I feel the same way about my friends (investigators) I have met out here as I help them and grow WITH them. :)

25TH Anniversary!!??!??!?!?!?!?! Yep. Old......I mean me of course...... <3 ;)

Thank you for the prayers guys. I really feel them and the love of my Heavenly Father. I am just trying now to help everybody else feel that love. GAH! I wish I could just literally hand it to people!!!! THEN THEY WOULD SEE HOW HAPPY YOU CAN BE!!!!!! AHHH!

Okay time for me to go now. LOVE YOU GUYS! I leave my testimony with you and everyone else. God LIVES. Christ LIVES. The Atonement of Jesus Christ can CHANGE YOU  and make you  more, make you better and make you happy, with and EVERLASTING joy. I love the word "everlasting". Especially when talking of the Plan of Redemption.



These are some great selfies of Elder J and me. >:D  Love ya! And yes, those are the hats that Nana sent me ( she sent us matching hats she crocheted) and yes we are matching ties too...... judge me. :D

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