Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh so happy!

FINALLY got a picture of Elder Nine with President and Sister W after 6 months in the field.

He had one taken the night he first arrived into Bakersfield, but somehow the Mission office lost it. I have called a few times to nicely ask if they could find a copy or at least a digital copy. They searched, and eventually all we got was a photo taken of Elder Nine with his second companion, and an "I'm sorry we don't have a digital copy of the picture with the President."  However, they did say that the President would make a point of getting a picture with Elder Nine during one of their conferences about a month ago.  Well, just so happened that the day the Conference took place was the same weekend that Elder Nine got super sick from food poisoning, and so was unable to attend the Conference. :(  


It started to seem like "fate" just didn't want Elder Nine to get a picture with his mission president. 

We were so happily surprised today when we receive this photo in the mail. The photo was taken on 21 January 2014 during transfers. 

So here it is - FINALLY - Elder Nine with his mission president, President and Sister W. :D

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