Monday, January 13, 2014

Mission Letter Week 26 - 13 January 2014


Apparently nobody but Texans say that around here. YAY! No accent but at least I still have the lingo, haha.

It's okay, Mama, I was sick too on Friday and Saturday. Food poisoning. :P It felt GREAT...NOT.

B T DUBS transfers are a week from Tuesday and there is a fair to decent chance that I will be transferred because I've been here so long. I know this place like the back of my hand now and probably know most of the non-members here too. I feel like I've talked to every person in the area now haha. Good stuff.

Yeah, I'll try to get the (Christmas) stocking back to you guys sometime.

SOOO, This week has been kinda...slow. Again. BUT! We got to work a LOT with the Brethren in the ward this week, including knocking doors with the Elder’s Quorum presidency. :D

Other fun fact for the day: I might have the best looking legs out of all the missionaries in the whole mission. Bikes do wonders for legs! >:) AND NEXT.…

Well, because I was sick over the weekend I didn't get a pic with the President ‘cuz I was busy blowing chunks...and it was yummy. I was actually going double dragon. I'll let you do the math on that one. Have fun.

For some reason this week, I couldn't imagine why, my thoughts have been really extra focused around the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was reading in Moroni chapter 8 (v. 25-26) where it talks about the first-fruits of faith in Christ and such. Basically the fruits of faith is baptism because our desire is to follow Christ and to do that we have to in order to get baptized, but then it says that when we do that, we fulfill the commandment, and THAT is what remits our sins. I've known this my whole life but it popped out at me that there was such a clarification on that topic. That it is our obedience and humility to the commandments of God that cleanses us. One of those commandments is, of course, baptism. We were reading that scripture with R., whom Elder N  and I baptized and confirmed, in his "new member lesson" last night and we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him and the members whose home we were in. It was a wonderful lesson and the Spirit was really testifying strongly to all of us. Especially for R. as he has the GIFT and COMPANIONSHIP of the Holy Ghost now. It was a very special experience.

I got your letter in the mail and I LOVED it! :D I love hearing from you guys and all the fun things that are going on. :) BUT OHMYGOSH. That part about L.… :( That is so sad. I'll right another email in a second that I'd like you to send over Facebook message to A.. Thank you.

I gotta go now, so I'll leave with my testimony: that when we lean on the arm of the Lord and on HIS understanding not our own, and as we trust in Him, He will carry us when we can't go anymore. Think of Footprints, the poem, and the little statue I got before my mission (from Sister V. of Christ carrying that worn-out man). Our Savior and our Heavenly Father love us and want us to be happy. Just like any parent would say, let’s help Them help us. Obey. Be humble. Love. Serve.

As for doing missionary work, for some reason I decided to think-out a talk last night as I crawled into bed… I know. Weird. But what came to mind as a little catch-phrase was “Pray, Seek, Grasp, Invite”. We need to *PRAY* for the DESIRE to do missionary work and THEN to have those opportunities, *SEEK* them out ACTIVELY, *GRASP* them when they are in your reach and don't let them slip by. There is no "point of no return". You can't say "I already walked past that person I can't talk to them now" or "I didn't talk to my friend about it this time I will". TAKE THEM. GRASP THE OPPORTUNITY. DO IT. And *INVITE* people. To church, to activities, to ANYTHING. But invite. No one will do anything until they are invited by YOU. So invite people :)

Kay gotta run now. Love you guys! BYE!

Elder 9

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