Monday, January 20, 2014

Mission Letter Week 27 - 20 January 2014


Today is going to be shorter than normal, sorry.

I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!! WOOHOO!! I am really going to miss this ward but this is SO EXCITING!!! This morning Elders S and P and I went to go play racquetball with President C and our YM President, Bro. P.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!! We played from about 530-830am. DA BEST!!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have an address for my new area yet because I don’t even know WHERE I am going. I also apologize for my poor typing today.  I’m in a bit of a rush to get it done. (that's alright son, I can edit it all for you. ;))  Love you still. I’ll type better next time, I promise.

Thankfully, I did not feel the earthquake... or maybe unfortunately. IDK. Maybe it’d be cool! :P

Yes, I do email President W every week. Why??

Yeah, I can take pics of service projects and stuff that we do. :) I'll try to get better with the pics. I honestly just don’t think about it these days. It just feels like same old business everyday, so I’ll try to keep pics in mind as my days keep FLYING by! :) Also, because your son is a complete fool, he did not get pics of his first baptism. I know. I KNOW. Don’t gimme too hard a time on that. Sowwy. :(

The core of my wand is definitely a chicken-heart-string. Most assuredly. (here's the pic that Elder Nine sent home, showing us his hand-carved "Harry-Potteresque" wand, which they then promptly might have used to play duels. Just maybe.):

I did not bring the pitch pipe  with me so you should be able to find it in my stuff I packed away for ‘laterses’ (in Gulom's voice). More than welcome to it. BRAAK. Have fun and good luck with the Dallas MCO auditions.

Hahaha! I LOVE the beard!!! Very impressive.

Emily, That’s awesome that you got to babysit!! Sounds like you might have found a job now! :P I'm glad that it was a good thing for you! Sorry to be so short but I gotta get packed up for transfers!!

Love you guys! Hope all is well! I’ll send some pics right now and then I gotta bounce! More details next week!

~ Elder 9

Mom's note:
S’s father posted on the Bakersfield Missionary group site the following:

“Elder S is sad to say good bye to Elder Nine and others that are getting transferred from his district, (pictured below). Here are a few words about his feelings about Elder Nine, his only companion since entering the Bakersfield mission about two months ago. "Elder Nine has been a great friend to me and we have suffered, triumphed and grown together. I think there is a special bond between companions that perhaps you couldn't create in any other relationship. I've learned things from him that I couldn't have learned from anyone else. He really is an awesome guy.” “

That brought tears to this Mama’s eyes. Tears of great joy, great pride, great thanksgiving, great love, and  great “MISSING MY BOY”! What a great and appreciated compliment to Elder Nine!

(1) Elder A & Elder Nine at their “Out 6 months and not a greenie any more” traditional tie-burning ceremony.

(2) burning Elder Nine’s tie.

(3) Elder Nine savoring the last Christmas cookie sent by dear friends, the K’s.

(4) Elder D making a goofy face.

(5) Elder S in his Christmas PJ’s making breakfast for dinner.

(6) “The District”, Back: Elders S, S, S, Nine, Front: P, A, celebrating the last night night together as Elder S finally received his Visa to Brazil, having been temporarily assigned to the Bakersfield Mission until the Visa arrived. Elder S is also waiting for his Visa to Brazil.  The first one is just kinda cool. The second one is the real deal.

7.) Sister D said "Tell Bob I said 'hi'." So, Sister D says "hi"

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