Monday, January 27, 2014

Mission Letter Week 28 - 27 January 2014

Hello everybody!

Hope life is just swell for everyone cause it is FANTASTIC right now here in my new area, P 5th ward in the P Stake. :D It’s funny ‘cuz we went all the way to Bakersfield just so I could come back to an area that literally borders my last one.....WOOP! haha! So it was a little anti-climactic but I am not disappointed by any means. The ward is great and we are settling in nicely. I was apparently deemed worthy of OPENING a NEW AREA! wut. Has to be inspired ‘cuz I didn't see that one coming!

Emily, I am so glad you got to go to a youth fireside. I love those! :D And it sounds like you learned a good bit of stuff from it too! And I'm glad you are getting to see what it’s like to have a new kind of fun with your friends as you grow up! I remember thinking very similar things as I grew up and its super cool to see you thinking and feeling the same way. :P Fun story for you, one of my last nights with Elder S, my last companion, we went to somebody's home for dinner and right away the big white lab dog came up, rolled over with joy.....and projectile-peed right into Elder S's face!! XD HAHAHA! It was so funny! Nasty, but funny! Well, I hope you get a lot from these youth firesides and activities you will get to go to from now on. You are going to grow a lot from these experiences and learn a lot from your leaders and even your friends. I would encourage you to make friends with people that you meet at those activities, even if they are outside the ward because WHO KNOWS the difference you can make in someone’s life or that they can make in yours. :)

BRAKY, my favorite shoes are definitely the lace-ups (Doc Martens) that I got. They are sturdy and shine up really nicely. My slip-ons are actually a little big. A 13 would have fit me better because they need to be a bit snugger.

Mama (and whom ever else it may concern) like I said I am now in the P 5th Ward in the P Stake and as I have NOT mentioned yet, my new companion is Elder J (see attached picture). I'm sorry I practically ran the debit card out, I needed a new bike helmet because my original one had a huge crack in it that I didn't see and it would not have added significant value in a real accident. Tried to keep it cheap! :) I am in another bike area so, as of yet, I have not driven a car...and I'm really okay with that because it is SO much easier to contact people as you ride by...imagine doing that with a car.....NO. Hahaha!

LOVE the pics :) sorry I have been slacking...I promise I’ll work on getting more. ;) Really this time though. haha.

Elder J and I are opening a new area and have 5 investigators already! The ward is stupendous with helping us in the work...or rather they are actually working and we are helping it should be. :D The ward is split in half and we have, of course, the half further away from the apartment and we also live 2.5 miles outside our area....yay!!! It’s not too bad. Compared to the RV  area, this place is a joy ride. Minimal hills! :P The other Elders in our ward are actually the Zone Leaders, Elder A and Elder F!!!! WOOP! So it’s cool to work around him again and Elder A is SUPER cool....he's also 26. XD Cool guys.

We've spent this week meeting our investigators and planning and organizing since its a new area and we both are unfamiliar with it. This Wednesday we should be up and rolling though and we're planning to have a blast!! All in all, a good week! :)

You'll see in the attached picture that I have short hair...I just cut it myself about an hour ago! Yeya. Looks pretty good. Plus I cut Elder J’ hair and Elder F’s :) I'm pretty half-way-somewhat-decent too, if I do say so myself! >:D Another cool thing is we got to play basketball again today!! The last two transfers Elders S, P, and S didn't really like basketball so it was tough to do that on a regular basis. But now we'll probably get to play every week plus some practicing at the court near the apartment. :DDDD YEAH!

B T DUBS! Elder S is in Brazil now, preaching and teaching!! And Elder S feels that he is not far behind!! So that is very exciting for them both. :D

Okay, we have to start wrapping up now to get to dinner on time. I'll leave with my testimony. I have a very strong faith in my Savior. He loves us. He knows what we are going through. When we are going through tough times that is not the Lord saying "here you go, have fun!”,  because He is a God of love. Not of pain. He sometimes allows the pains and struggles of the world to leak through but only to teach us and never more than what we can handle. When we rely on our Savior’s love we can over come those struggles. Not always in the way we think, but as we have that "trial of our faith" we will come out on top. Obey. Love. Work hard.

 Love you guys a ton! :) Talk to you next week!

P.S. I couldn't figure out this stupid computer so I couldn't attach the picture. >:( I'll try to get it next week!!


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