Monday, March 9, 2015

Mission Letter Week 86 - 09 March 2015

Email Subject Line: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Time to go get drunk.........................


Though from the looks of that picture, looks like Daddy's got the same idea XD hahahahahahaha! I died when I saw that!! ....

...and I WANT THAT CHOCOLATE MILK!!! (Emily remembering her big brother by imitating what he did with the same brand of chocolate milk in Bakersfield a couple of weeks ago.)

Sorry this will be a little short. The Zone Leaders showed up late to open the church for emails. ._.

WOOOOO BDAY BOX!!! I totally didn't even think about getting a package until I read that in the letter on Saturday, hahaha. And no worries about the birthday card, I'm not gonna throw a fit over something like that. :P

I've been quoting that a lot lately, from Racing Stripes "Don't look back, leave it all on the track!" It's so true, it feels like a sprint right now. You can smell the finish line from right in front of you...the difference is, I'm not sure I wanna see it just yet...but I think and hope I will be ready when the time comes. But either way, it's time for full speed and then some. I am pretty sure that I will get transferred and wherever I go next, will be my last area most likely. Not for sure, but likely.

Our investigators, or rather, friends, are doing well, if sick. J is getting over a cold and is still being a little stubborn but we will most likely be showing him the baptismal font on Sunday because he asked what it was like. :D Good indicator, he's thinking about it!

S is especially sick as he has had drug abuse in his past, but he is pulling through just fine and we will meet with him later this week. We have taught him the first few lessons and it is going well. He still has a lot of questions and is till kinda mixing beliefs, but with study, prayer, and his diligent effort I think he'll be just fine. :)

D is meeting with us again, though still smoking a lot. We talked about all the anti-Mormon stuff he ran into, got rid of all the wrong notions he could possibly have and talked more about how is pride is his biggest road block. He's a great guy!

We are working with the B family now, recent converts who are less active and have troubles also with smoking. They are AWESOME and hilarious. :P I love the kids, they are greatness. And they are also very humble...except for the smoking always boils down to pride. ALWAYS. (For all,of us!) But they are doing well, and are starting to come to church slowly again. We are excited to see them more. :)

President and I actually had time to talk a little bit when he came to visit our Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) this last Friday. He visits as many as he can, for training purposes for the Zone Leaders, and we just talked a bit about how the mission is doing, and how our area is. The mission as a whole, as well as our area, seems to be lacking similar things. Mainly member involvement (though there is still some involvement), and being bold when inviting investigators to make and keep commitments (primarily baptism.) So that is what we focused on in ZTM and pretty much what we talked about together, President and I. He's a great guy. We'll keep him I guess! XD

I gotta run now. Wish I could share more but time is up. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

~ Elder 9

The Elders got to help some local members pick their oranges from their loaded orange trees. They had such a fun time! So thankful for these sweet members who send us pictures!

Looking for the rain in Bakersfield - something that eludes many!

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