Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission Letter Week 87 - 16 March 2015

I’m getting transferred to Snow Ward, right next door, with Elder Ripa, from my MTC District!!!!!!! I’M SO PUMPED!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (though it will be extra sad leaving this place/comps! It was great while it lasted!)

Yes!!!! I got your letter and I LOVED IT!! I bragged about your drawing skillz to everybody there. :D Thank you for that! :) Love you too!

I had a great party at the G's and it was a nice little break from the day to day stuff! :D I LOVE the soaps (they are F's soaps right?? :DDDDDDD), and the CDs are great too! :)

I took the banana pic JUST for you! XD I thought of that off handed, and HAD to do it. :)

YES! I had an EPIC birthday! As crazy as a missionary can get! XD

The bolsitas were awesome. :P Sister G didn’t know how to say the word so I told her. haha.

I got EVERYTHING you sent, and I loved it all! :) Thank you so much for all the effort you put into making these kinds of days special. That effort and love is what makes it so special and my best Bday gift is my first one: Getting you as parents. I was reflecting all this week on what you guys have done for me. From a Sunday School lesson about families this week, to teaching J about the responsibilities he has in a family, to just pondering about my life, I have come this week to be so insanely grateful for you both and the love you have shared with me, as well as all the wisdom and time you have given to me freely. I love you. And I can bear a solid testimony that family relationships are SO important in this life. Having love between each other is vital to our SALVATION. So if there is anyone out there that isn't getting along with a family member....START NOW, because it takes time to heal those wounds. I know it does. But I know even more so, that it is more than just the work, you must WANT IT. Love each other. Love yourself. Love the Lord. Amen.

We spent most of the weekend just going by people’s places to share a last message and say good bye and get pics (I'll include them next week, for time’s sake. SORRY!!) J is doing much better and is softening more and more to the idea of baptism so he can get sealed with his family. :D Hopefully he sticks to it! :) D is still smoking but also still meeting with the missionaries...if he doesn’t 'shape up' though, they may drop him later.

WOOO trek!! I like the pic. :D SEND MORE! I'll send a bunch next week too. :)

MEGAN IS HOME!!!! AND SO IS KENZIE!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! I'm next practically! O.o  I don’t know of many people from home that are getting home before me now...if anyone.....


Hahahaha! ‘Aramaic’. XD I had to explain that to my companion from the snail-mail letter you sent. :P

Wow, I cannot wait to hear all the great stories from trek! :D I loved my trek experience. It is a good thing for the youth. It is VERY humbling! I'll wait anxiously for the letter!

I gotta go now guys, I still gotta pack! LOVE YOU!

Elder 9

Following: Photos sent this week by Sister G of Elder 9’s birthday celebration which took place 14 March 2015 in their back yard. It was a “Texas” theme and Elder/Sister Shelton and Elder/Sister Moon also attended. The G’s and the Moon’s both gifted him a tie. So nice of them! Then he had our birthday package to open. In the package we sent: 3 handmade soaps, 5 “bolsitas” (loot bags; one for each Elder and one for the G's son, who is 10), and 2 CD’s for Elder 9. In the bolsitas for each were: 1 FriXion erasable pen, 1 2x2 green sticky note pad, 2 packages of cookies, about 10 or 11 balls of Lindt chocolate truffles of different flavors, 1 plastic parachute man, 1 small palm-sized foam ball, 5 packages of different flavored “5” gum, 2 fake mustaches each, and a $5 bill for each missionary to have lunch on or get drinks with during the hot Bakersfield days. Sister G made the cake and bought the balloons. I sent the decor to be used and bought the paper plates/napkins/cups. The backyard smelled like orange blossoms! The G's really went all out and I am so thankful for their efforts in helping Elder 9 have a special moment.

Also, I had asked that he have someone take some good pictures of him and his companion knocking at a door, where the name tag is visible as well as the Book of Mormon. Sister G’s daughter, a professional photographer, took the pictures, including the “Banana picture”. haha! (It's a family joke/story!) 

 And below - just having fun and being very silly!!

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