Monday, March 2, 2015

Mission Letter Week 85 - 02 March 2015

Hello :)


My thoughts about writing in my Journal: I LOVE writing in my Journal. Some times I forget to, but when I do write in it, it is awesome. Just like you said, you can write anything in it, and it helps get things off my mind and help me focus on what really matters. It is also a fantastic time to receive personal revelation on whatever you are writing about...or even what you are NOT writing about but what you are feeling when you are writing. That has helped me the most I think, when it comes to writing in my Journal. And I think it is splendiforous that you are starting that habit now :D (In Nacho Libre voice:) "Iz a gooooddd oneeee!"

I WISH WE HAD SNOW!!!!!! I haz jealous. But I loved your part in the letter :) Thank you for that!


I have not set a time yet for the Temple, and I don't know if we will because we got a lot of stuff to do. Going to the temple is almost a full day thing. Like 2/3 of a day, and that's a lot of work not done, though it would be relaxing!

T has been busy with the kids lately and we have been picking bad times to go by, but she continues to tell us to keep coming back. She just can't promise she will be ready when we come by, so it's good that she wants us to keep coming by. I think once we start to teach her she will make this a priority! We hope anyways.

S - We had a great couple lessons with this week, and he has a LOT of questions. Which is good, but he also likes to mix beliefs. Like putting Buddhist things in with what we are teaching. Yikes. Not BAD, but not fully true either. We are having fun with that. :)

D is still smoking and it's harder and harder to get in touch with him, but to be fair he isn't very tech savvy and has phone problems so we are trying to just stop by, but that man moves around! Sheesh!


I have been putting some serious thought into this matter lately (yes, just on my free time,) and I have decided I want to study either Film or Photography. I had an interest in it before I left but didn't have the chance to expound on it much, so I want to now. In a far more serious way, haha. I don't know for sure what school, but from what I hear from people, apparently BYU Provo, UNT and UT Austin have really good either film or photography programs. I am thinking of doing film because it sounds like that would give me a good take on photography as well, but IDK because I haven't really been able to look it up. :/ If you wanted to do that a tiny bit that'd be cool. XD

So here's the deal about Utah. I would LOVE to room with Peterson, but I really want to go to a Texas University if at all possible. The only thing is, I would need to find a film program that would be as good or at least close to as good as BYU's, because from what I have heard they have a crazy good film studies program. But at the same time, it also depends greatly on the student. Those are my thoughts on that one. Preferably a TX University, if all else fails, BYU. So could you maybe check that out if you have some free time? I promise when I am home I will do my own research, hahaha....with maybe a little help from you. ;)

That's about all I got...for now. I would love to start school right away if possible, but I think I will have to work at least during my first semester time at home to save up. We'll see :)


I can't wait to get behind the scenes on things/events like that. Trek, Philmont, Maybe a Jubilee sometime. XD I am very excited for life when I get home. I am patient and will work hard now and wait my turn, but I cannot help but to look forward to it! School, Career, Family, Callings, all that jazz. Very exciting! :)

Love you all a ton! Gotta bounce now. BYEEE!

~ Elder 9

Goofy picture on exchanges in Snow Ward with the W family. :D They are awesome! I've met them several times and know them pretty well now haha...for being in a different ward…

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