Monday, February 23, 2015

Mission Letter Week 84 - 23 February 2015

HOLY SHORT EMAIL. I thought someone died or something!

Hi guys :)

Well this will make it significantly easier (that you sent such SHORT emails to give me more time to write) hahaha. I didn't get this week’s letter yet though, so I will most likely get that today...

GUESS WHAT!?!?! We have two new potential individual/family peeps we are going to be teaching this week! There is T and her family, whom we just found a note of in our records, and then there is S! S we do have higher hopes for, as we have only briefly talked with T…But S is way cool. He's completely blind and has Parkinson's disease, and is probably the most humble man I have ever met! He got kicked out by his Ex-fiancĂ©, who is a less active member, with no testimony, no knowledge of the Gospel (funny how those two correlate) and is totally anti-Mormon…and had all of his stuff thrown out of the house (which wasn't much, as far as what HE owned). Pretty much all he had was a computer, and little desk and a blanket, so he was totally prepared to sleep on the ground outside; but then our High Priest Group Leader, Brother P, (a super hero, btw) helped him to find an apartment, settle in AND found him a decent office chair and a mattress, and a nice lady that sold him the mattress for dirt cheap donated a bunch of dishes and silverware too! So he's much more comfortable now and he was asking questions the entire time (we were there during all of this,) and we basically taught him half of everything we teach just by answering his questions. And he is CRAZY smart too! So needless to say, we are VERY excited to continue teaching him and seeing him progress! He said right away that he wanted to get baptized WHEN he finds that what we teach is true. And he will, because 90% of what he would share with us was perfectly correct, and the other 10% is very minor things. :)

I don't remember if I told you about D yet, but he went back to smoking and isn't going to church anymore. We have gone over a couple of times, the few times he made himself available, and we answered his questions he had concerning a lot of anti crap he ran into (sorry, shouldn't say crap, Sister M doesn't like that XD .....and she also didn't know what "XD" was over text. heehee. You can tell, we love the M's because we're trying hard!) But D hasn't dropped us entirely so we are hoping to see him recover and make his way back. :)

Those are pretty much all the highlights of the past few days/week.

It is so incredible to see people choose, of their freewill, to entirely embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It sometimes can be difficult for people to wrap their minds around the idea that there really is only one and true living Church of Jesus Christ on the earth. It can seem overbearing at times, or forceful, or like a bunch of …. that word Sister M doesn't like... But, when a person, a son or daughter of God, the greatest Being in existence, asks that Great and Eternal Being, their Heavenly FATHER, if that really is the case, if there really is only one true Church and Priesthood authority, and if the Book of Mormon is true, then it really CAN make sense. The Gospel is VERY reasonable. Very LOGICAL. Most importantly, very real and true. I testify of that and bear my witness of it, with my life. Literally. I do it every day, and some people accept that message. Many do not. They have their choice.  Mine is made. I love my Lord and Savior and I will do as He asks of me.  Anything and everything, as I gain a testimony of it.... or TO gain a testimony of it.

I love you guys very, very much...and is picture time! I will email pictures and use Drop Box for a video. :)

~ Elder 9

Here is a picture I got on exchanges with Elder Ripa (new DL, MTC BUDDY! :D ) elephant bush!!

Never mind, pics are too big...everything is on Drop Box. The turtle was trying to steal our mail and we caught it red...clawed??

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