Monday, February 16, 2015

Mission Letter Week 83 - 16 February 2015

Greetings, from the land westward!

Hiya :)


The “Fun Run” sounds like a lot :D And I LOVED what you shared about Noah's talk, that was HILARIOUS! XD Thanks for those stories! I love hearin' 'em. Good to hear you're staying busy too. That's one thing I wish I had done on a more regular basis, was stay busy and productive. So make sure you do that, because you'll be grateful for it. :) Gotta keep it short for time…again.  ._. LOVE YOU!


That is cool you got to meet the Taylor’s! :)

I cannot wait to see Orli in person! :D Last time I saw her she was TINY. Hahaha.

Still 18.5 neck shirts, but I don’t think I'll need anymore. I'm wrapping up here soon (not too soon, I know) but soon enough to not need more shirts.

I am keeping all my special ties. :D

I will try to get a pic taken with me and my comp like that…. I'll try to make it original too. XD


Good report to hear and great advice. You are more than right about that. Gotta keep it short, sorry.

I wanna just say to you guys that HOLY COW I have learned so much thus far on my mission. I still am learning, and I am so grateful to be able to. I have learned that the most important things to have are a testimony of the gospel, the truthfulness of it, the Atonement and our Savior, which will bring a unity between myself and the Spirit. When that happens, the next most important thing is for me to have unity with my companion. Which ties in nicely with Growly Bear’s (Daddy’s) advice! I know I am here to give of myself, my talents and my love, and I am doing all that. I love you guys; thank you for your support. I couldn’t do it without you...for really reals. BYE!

~ Elder 9

Here are those pics I talked about last week (burning the shirts and pants for the 18 month anniversary of being in the mission field)… and one of me 'cuddling' with Elder Boy before he got transferred out……..don't ask…..

There was gasoline on the stuff so it went up FAST and it scared the crap outta me ‘cause it's been too long since I've played with fire… another thing I'll have to take care of when I get home. :)

We did this at Bro B's home, a ward missionary, and that's how we got the gas. haha.

Mom sent this image above asking how Elder 9’s “Six Months To Sexy” is going (as she sees Taco Bell charges on his debit card). Elder 9’s reply:


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