Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mission Letter Week 81 - 2 FEB 2015

Hello again!

Funny, seeing me pop up in your inbox on Mondays… almost like a pattern...hmmm.


I LOVE the Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites book series!! You will continue to enjoy them for all of ever. :)

Questions?… Answers!
1- I roll my sleeves up usually for things like dinners and working and stuff, and usually have them down for when I am proselyting. But I found out at the beginning of my mission that it is actually NOT a rule, not in the handbook, or president's rules or it's okay to do, but I do try to keep it only to times that I need to, because long sleeves look classier. :)

2- The tie was made of…………………………………candy!

Woohoo for Beehive President status!!! Hahaha, that's kind of a funny awkward story with 'X'.  XD I love awkward moments!!

I don't think you'd drown if you were baptized (for proxy in the Temple) that many times though... you'd just be happier. :)

I love the Spirit that I get to feel when I go to the Temple. No where else in the whole world can you feel so peaceful and just CALM as when you are in the Temple...It's a really nice change of pace.

I love “The Time Changer” movie. It does teach some very important things. Most important is that we need to include God in EVERY part of our lives...even if society is going downhill, we can still be making right choices. :)

Mama's turn now. LOVE YOU!


I am staying with Elder Angus!! :D If I had been transferred I would have been less than pleased... luckily that is not the case.

I will absolutely remember Grandma tomorrow during transfer meeting...well, all day really. :P And I already marked your guys' anniversary on my calendar! :D So I'll do a little party dance move when that day rolls around, haha!

We are SO ready for transfer meeting! And yes Sister Moon is still playing piano, and she added some AWESOME stuff to it so I'm REALLY excited! :D

It really IS fun to see those little lights go on in people’s minds and hearts. I get to see that all the time, except it’s more their spirit that will light up a whole room when they finally catch on, or when I walk in a door, and can tell this person prayed about everything and started to gain his or her testimony. You are right, it is a great experience!

I haven't gotten around to reading the article you sent me yet but I am hoping for tomorrow's personal study to do that, if I can get my other stuff done in time.

D has a baptismal date for March 7th!! WOOP WOOP!!! And J is really picking up the pace and gaining a much better attitude now so we are hoping to see him take that same step!

The G's fell through again but this time it was mostly our fault. Sadly, they can only meet on Sundays so we have to wait another week. :/ But they still want us over, so that's good!

Yes! The north zone had 4 baptisms and I got to speak at one of them (Missionary Moment) and it was great.

Sister Hokanson went home?!?!?! NOT COOL! :((((((((((((((  She was a fantastic person and a great missionary! She will be missed by me for sure, and by a few others I know too. If you get the chance to tell her or her mom for me, tell her that. And that she has friends here that love her!

Crawley is goin' home! Good for him, finishing strong! I'll shoot President Crawley an email then. :)

Good to see my Braky out there working! I'll be there again soon enough, tag teaming like always. :D And funny that you're sore after it too! Good work does that to a man!

Kay, I’m gonna wrap up quick.

And that is awesome about the city council story. :D

Gotta run! Love you guys! BYE!

~ Elder 9 

Elder Nine along with the other three Elders had a delicious BBQ dinner at a kind and generous member's home on Sunday, after which they signed the son's tie (something missionaries do) and ate more homemade Chocolate Chip cookies!
I'm always so thankful for these kind members who take the time to think of the moms back home and send us these treasures. Especially as the missionary starts to 'forget' more and more how to take pictures! Haha.

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