Monday, January 26, 2015

Mission Letter Week 80 - 26 January2015


Had a great week this week...although some things fell through, like a lesson with J, but D is doing very well still, still off the cigarettes, and reading the Book of Mormon like crazy still, too! We will be meeting him tomorrow and hopefully set a date for baptism soon! Other than that there isn’t a whole lot in the way of news, except that our appointment with N and K fell through because he had work in the oil fields and she had to do some babysitting for some friends. Also, there was a fun incident this week where I had the opportunity to give some advice to some missionaries that were trying to heal their relationship as companions and it was crazy, how I felt like I was one of you guys, saying the same exact things to me. So just as an FYI, your advice and counsel has made it's way into yet another young man's life. Two more, actually. :) I thank you and they thank you for that. :D


Good to hear all the awesome you are doing! :) I like hearing your stories and the things you do and see and feel! It makes me feel like I'm not missing out on too much, haha. Thank you for doing that for me! It's a special feeling that only you can give. I have to keep it short cause we are really busy today, so I'm sorry about that. Love you!!!


I have not gotten your letters yet but that means I will probably get them today :) WOOP!

As far as our plans this week, unfortunately there isn't much going on, besides Teaching D and J a couple times each. But, that's mission life state-side haha. There has been a big push here lately though for members in our ward, stake and even church to start doing the finding so we can focus on the teaching. As Elder Holland said once, the only fear or concern missionaries should have is from getting pneumonia or something from being in the baptismal font too long. XD Hahaha! We'll see how that goes, but this ward especially has a lot of good potential we are excited to see tapped into!

Elder Flint and I sang Sister Moon's arrangement of "Joseph Smith's First Prayer," to the tune of "Come Thou Fount," with some mixing up of parts by Elder Flint and I. It was pretty good but we are still ironing kinks out for this upcoming transfer meeting, so we are still looking forward to that.

This Zone Conference was pretty nice, but really more just about how to do stuff that we already know how to do well, having been out for while, Elder Angus and I. Stuff like, car related issues, keeping apartments clean, don't do stupid stuff with cars and apartments, don't 'hang out' all the time with other missionaries,   and other stuff like that... I mention all this casually, because it's mundane for me, but he put it in context of receiving blessings for our obedience. Which is VERY true! Only through our obedience CAN we be blessed AT ALL!

Thank you for sending the pic of J and the baby! :'D Tell them how happy it made me and all that good stuff! :3 I'm going to email them next week...but for now I have to you! BYE!!!

~ Elder 9


Oh and a reply to daddy's email that I almost missed on the bottom of the email - haha.

Everything you said (about staying focused and not worrying about what to do after the mission) is all very true. I have to admit it can be exciting to think about, coming home and all that...but I am more wrapped up in teaching and in preaching right now. It is simply the greatest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Thank you for preparing me to be here. I love you all, time is up. BYE!!!

 ~         ~         ~

We received this pictures from a wonderful sister in the are who had Elder Nine and Elder Angus come over and help her cut down a tree. She fed them lunch - One of Elder Nine's favorites: Costco Pizza, Water, and Homemade Chocolate Chips Cookies!
The both enjoyed their time! Look at those smiles! 
Elder Nine THRIVES on service.
So proud of him!


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