Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mission Letter Week 78 - 12 January 2015

WHOOOO! This has been a fun week..and really tranquil if I think about it.


D is doing okay but thought that Saturday was Sunday (silly D) and then woke up sick Sunday morning...... XP So it'll just be a lesson this week, no church.

J is doing better in the sense that he opened up to us and voiced most of his concerns, so now we can help him to understand and overcome those concerns. :) And he DID come to church.

L, unfortunately, has been bailing on us but we don't want to drop her right away because she has recently won a fight against cancer so we are guessing that it's just her lack of energy that has led to this… We'll keep praying for her and trying to help her out.

We also picked up a new friend to teach, K! She is married to a less active guy in the ward and they both want us to come over and talk and teach and stuff. :) She, unfortunately, had a few bad experiences in other churches (not ours) and gets really anxious now just thinking of church...let alone GOING to church. So that's her struggle, but she says that she wants to have a testimony like her husband has, N. (We asked him to bear his testimony… a pretty powerful one too). The only reason HE isn't going to church is due to work, in the oilfields, as an X-ray guy or something like that. Good job, but ALWAYS on call, 24/7 and weekends are pretty big for him......we'll see how we can work this out!

Brother B, a ward missionary, was asked to kind of take over (the Ward Mission Leader stuff) for now, and he's been doing great! And he's really funny...well, to me. He's a "no crap" kinda guy and sometimes says things rougher than someone else would.....and I love it. XD

Sadly, we have not been able to the 'My Family' pamphlet. :'( I think someone cleaned the building before I was able to get to it or something because there was a Saturday in between me getting it and emails... :(

I am still writing in my journal and keeping track of as many of the things that I learn as possible!...and that's a lot...

My Sacrament solo went CRAZY well, especially thanks to Sister M, who is a PRO on the piano! First time it’s worked out as well as when I did it with Brother F and J before I left! Having a good pianist makes a WORLD of difference.

PICS: Hahahahaha, Elder Angus was holding up his ring fingers to mock Elder Boy for having cut his (Elder Boy’s) ring finger while opening a can of food and having to get stitches. That’s what it means. XP That (the picture, not the cutting) was during our New Year’s Eve party, which was kinda short and quiet so we made a few crazy parts!


First, what kind of projects are you working on? And YES I've been seriously think about being a YouTuber, for multiple things. For music and also for some Videography stuff, if I get into that more...we'll talk tech in a few months. ;)

Good to hear things are happening back home, most of it good...some not, but that's how we grow right?

Love you mucho!


That is a cool sounding bag! Mine is a big, black bag...kinda boring looking, for a boy. ;) I'm sure it'll turn out great! And a cool journal too! Get a good habit of writing in a journal, because you'll appreciate it later. :P

I gotta run now guys, I love you all! BYE!

~ Elder 9

The above video was recorded on Sunday, 11 Jan 2015, after Sacrament Meeting ( so as to not be irreverent during Sacrament Meeting) with Sister M. at the piano. 
SO SO Thankful for kind, thoughtful Sister G. who recorded this to share with us!
It warms our hearts and brightens our spirits. 
Elder Nine is singing "I Need Thee Every Hour" 
an arrangement by Sally DeFord

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