Monday, January 5, 2015

Mission Letter Week 76 - 29 December 2014

WOW. Holy end of the year batman! Time is slipping away quickly and suddenly I need to start exercising again. XD The Holidays really did a number on me…I'm over 300 pounds now!.... Juuuuussstttt kidding... But sometimes I feel like it after eating twelve deserts on Christmas and the like!

Soooooo IDK what you mean by the Family History Booklet…? (after reminding him:) Oh crap!!! I totally forgot to bring that home with me!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s in the Fruitvale Building still, right next to my apartment, so I’ll go check for it today!! :O I hope it’s still there... I'll let you know next week!

Nothing yet on the iPads...and honestly I've lost all the excitement over it now haha. But I'll say this...ignore all the rumors because NOBODY knows the details except the Brethren right now...There are some missions that have them and they are intended for ALL missionaries, but there are situations I have heard from some returned missionaries that say there have been missionaries that will hack them somehow and put [inappropriate] things on them. So Presidents will take them away from either certain missionaries or the whole mission...depending on the situation...but you are right it comes down to the integrity of the missionaries...President Wilson WANTS to trust the missionaries here...there will be some that fail that trust but most will yeah.

The shirt fits and I’m wearing it right now. :D It actually fits quite nicely, haha.  THANK YOU for it! :D

YAY FOR SNOW! Hopefully more than a millimeter of it too. XD

I have been having a very good time in Meadows Ward with Elder Angus, the Senior missionary couples and the work here. I am in a good mood once again. :P

I love ALL the things I got for Christmas soooo much! :D And I got your PS note, and yes I have plenty of room to carry my mug with me and it is GREAT to have it as its slightly larger than the ones we get. XD All my hiking and camping taught me well in packing when I go home there will be a lot of clothes that will be worn out that I can throw away and I'll pack even lighter then. :)

Investigator Status: We have been working with J and D (not related to each other) and they both came to church yesterday!! WOOHOO!!! We are really excited for D to start his "Quit Smoking Calendar" this Friday when we go over so he can get ready for another baptismal date. :) And J kinda needs an 'attitude adjustment' but he's taking all the right steps. :)


Yowza! You have got some slammers to pick from for your Christmas Event gift!!! YEESH! IDK If I could even pick from those options! :O Good luck on that! XD And I also really enjoyed talking to you about and reading about how the MCO concert went! OH MY GOSH! I swear I need to see a good performance one of these days! :D

We aren’t doing anything too special for new years except going to our apartment early so we "stay out of trouble" haha...I'm going to drink Sangria (the soda) at midnight though. :)

Wow, though. That is a LOT of soda you got. XD In January I’m actually going to try to quit soda again to be more healthy. :D We'll see how it goes I suppose, haha.


Yes, I got the letters that the Ward sent and I enjoyed them greatly. :) It was good to hear from all my good friends back home like that! Thank you for that!

Well, that's all there is pretty much! I hope to have many great things about our friends who are learning and living the Gospel to tell you about next Monday! I love you all very much! BYE!

~ Elder 9

P.S. These erasable pens you sent me for Christmas are the FUH JIZZLE!!!!!!

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