Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mission Letter Week 75 - 22 December 2014

Second to last letter of the year!! This is crazy....seriously.

I have not gotten any packages yet :( ….. buuut I know I will be Skyping at 2pm here so 4pm your time… get ready!!

The Meadows Ward is great.  I am just sad to not be spending Christmas in Tierra Bonita Ward with the L's and the D's. >:( But hearing that from J is a good boost. :) I'm going to go back after my mission, hopefully, to see them get sealed. :) They invited me to that!

Elder Angus is a pretty cool kid!

I'm in a car area again, senior companion. I’m at the point where there aren't many people that can be my senior comp. Talk about strange.

The area is pretty good, with some decent potential but the guys before us didn’t work… at all there's only one investigator right now we are working with, J. His parents are converts. They are very supportive and things are going well but he suddenly dropped his baptism date cause he "didn't feel like it”.  So we'll need to give “a little kick in the pants” to wake him up again as it were haha. Other than that we are just going to try to pick up investigators that were dropped because the guys before us just didn't want to teach them... yep ... that happened. So hopefully nothing is damaged there, as far as the relationship with the missionaries goes...We shall see, we shall see!

Love you too, Emi! Talk to you on Christmas!

Braky! Good to hear about the C's! They are super awesome. :) Cute pic of Emi and Orli too! She's gonna be huge when I get back! Both of them will be so very grown up. It's crazy what you miss in two years.

HILARIOUS picture at K's as well! Well, at least JK is looking rather humorous, LOL. Good family photo though. :)

And thank you for the message from Elder Ballard, too (below). It is so very true. Even if it's not an addiction.

Gotta bounce!

Love you guys! Talk to you at 4pm your time on Christmas!

~ Elder 9

He receive #1 of 3 Christmas Care Packages we sent!
Many thanks to Sister S. who received this and made sure he got it!
We are SO THANKFUL for local residents who help us out so much!


Just heard Elder Nine got the other two packages too!



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