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Mission Letter Week 74 - 15 December 2014

Hey guys!!

I’m sorry emails have been rushed lately and it’s going to be today even more so due to transfer calls being on Sunday night and us having to uproot in a short period of time. You asked how I feel about it.......NOT HAPPY.  I'm actually quite frustrated at the whole thing.  Just as I settle in for Christmas they yank me out.  Bad mood, bad day. >:(  I'm still trying to just trust in the call, but it's hard when it actually feels like it's the wrong thing to have happen. So just trust, trust, trust.

(Elder Nine is learning a hard but valuable lesson which all of us disciples of Christ learn: sometimes it's hard to follow the Savior when what He is asking of us goes against our personal wishes. But Elder Nine is also showing great spiritual maturity in doing his best to align his will with God's. We pray and trust he will be blessed in this effort. While the world tells us to do whatever we want, we know that we are best served by following our Savior.) :)

On that...


How the heck was the DMCO concert?!?! I saw some pics and it looks like it went REEEALLY well!! :D I'm excited to hear all about it!


THE V FAMILY!! Tell them I love them and I can't wait to one day have more guac! :D (Brother V makes some of the BEST guacamole I've ever had! :3 )

I'll do as you asked with the mailing info. :)

This last week has been a lot of fun and has been really good for the area. E is getting closer to baptism, though still hasn’t made it to church. M (whom I don’t remember if I told you about, a new investigator,) is ready for baptism already and O we finally had a lesson with and set a baptismal date with him as well.... and then transfers. >:(  Another reason to be unhappy… but I'll try to stay focused on the good. :)  Elder Petersen and I have had a swell time together in this great ward. Reminds me of P5. Great work and great memories, great Petersons(sens) :)

I wrote you a snail mail and sent it a few days ago so you should get it soon. 

I was wondering if you could send me one of the Christmas CDs again? I accidentally broke the one with Pentatonix and Piano Guys on it. :( And I was wondering if you could include the whole new Pentatonix Christmas album ‘cause I heard they have an entire album now. :) (If it's appropriate)

I AM SO EXCITED FOR SKYPING!! This time I'll be by myself, instead of like how I did it with Elder Peterson in P5. :P Speaking of that, at the Creche, I saw a bunch of people from RV Ward and P5! Like Sister H, the M's (the folks we skyped at when I was with Peterson), the G's and a bunch of others! :D It was great to see them.

I love seeing pictures of my parents together like this. :') It just makes me so happy to see how blessed I am and my family, to have grown in the gospel, and be so strong together!

And the concert pics look incredible! I soooo want to see a solid choir performance again one day!

Emily is turning into QUITE the young lady!! If I come back and there is talk of boys, I’m buying the Brooklyn Smasher by Cold Steel........which is basically an indestructible baseball bat. >:)

(What's with boys and violence??) ;-P


Good questions. It is sad to see missionaries go home sad. Many times it shows they didn’t really grasp the message of the good news. 'Good news' being another translation of the word 'Gospel'. :)

"Don't look back, leave it all on the track!"

I am happy to be here. To be a messenger of peace and joy. Of Christ.

I love you guys dearly. Can't wait to see you on Skype! :D

~ Elder 9

Pics are in the Dropbox - the older couple we are with are the D's. He is the Ward Mission Leader here. AMAZING man. And she is incredible too. I love them both a ton. They will most likely call you sometime just to talk with you. :)

"Don't look at the weeping angels!" haha!

The brother in this picture below shared the following message with me on Facebook:
"Mrs. Wagner-Nine, Your son is a very unique and destined individual. He has strong leadership potential, is relatable to just about any situation and is one of the most genuine men I have had the privilege of knowing. He has made a lifelong friend here and can call upon me for support anytime, anywhere and for anything. Thank you for raising such an amazing person."

These silly Elders! :)

Photos from Transfer Meeting where Elder Nine said goodbye to Elder Petersen, his 8th companion, and hello to his new and 9th companion, Elder Angus.

This is Brother W. on the right in the picture below. Elder Nine served in this Brother's ward at the beginning of last summer and they got to know each other.
He is a dear new friend, who was patiently waiting for Elder Nine to finish the conversation before he approached him to give him a extra tight hug which I (Elder Nine's mom) had asked him to please give my son. He was kind enough to do it. The following picture brought me to tears.

Thank you, Brother W.!! 

Merry Christmas to me! :)

Heehee! Sometimes we moms feel like we're playing "Where's Waldo?" when we see so many wonderful missionaries all in one room, as we search front-back-side-side for our missionary!
So thankful for the people who send us photos!
And all their Christmas packages are waiting for them on the stage from their families! :)

Packing up to go to their new areas


This photo below was taken last summer, but was not shared until recently.
It is Elder Nine and his whole Zone at the time.


But I would not want him anywhere in the world right now, but where he is!
We are so proud of him for giving his mission his all, serving with all his heart, might, mind, and strength. 
He is such a blessing to our family.

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