Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mission Letter Week 73 - 8 December 2014


Sooooooo IT'S FREAKING DECEMBER. It doesn't really feel like it here though, haha. It’s still in the 60’s-ish...though it does get down to the 50's and 40's at night, which can be nice. :)

We started reading the Christmas Advent book right on time, Elder Petersen and I.  IT'S SOOOOO FUNNY!! We are so tired at night and so when I'm reading in my "dramatic voice" (learned, of course, from my dear father) I'll mess up or something sounds funny and we just DIE laughing! XD We've been having a blast with that, as a way to wind down at night. :)

Speaking of Christmas, I thought of a present you could send to me… maybe even before Capo. :D There are plenty of people with guitars, but they usually don't have capos, haha. So if you threw that in the package or something like that, that would be so awesome, my face would just fall off!

YES! Elder Petersen and I helped out with the Creche and it was SO COOL!! We helped set up the decorations the big ones.....liiiike the 12-15 ft tall tree and all the tables and other such things. All the manual labor stuff. :D My specialty! And we went to see some of the performances as well! Like The Sunday Night Singers (or something like that) who were BEAUTIFUL!! They were soooo good it would make you DROOL. From your MOUTH! Yep. And there was a Jazz Ensemble on Saturday night!! OH MY HECK it was all I could do to not grab someone and start A SWINGIN'!! They were crazy good too. :P There were many others too! All in all, the whole weekend has been magically delicious!

I did get to see the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional and I loved it! :) I always enjoy the Christmas devos and the Spirit they bring. The Spirit of Christ!

Well, this last week has been fun with the creche, and we have been just trying to meet with E and J. We finally caught E one evening and started to read the beginning of the Book of Mormon with her and she LOVED it. She keeps saying she will come to church though and then doesn’t! But her friends from church are going to start helping with that. :) And there's also O, who was an investigator before I got here but was sick and/or out of town. So we finally met him a couple days ago and did some service for him. We should be meeting with him this week again. :)

For P-day…specifically today, we are going with the H's to the "Feline Compound" where we will see lots and lots...of (exotic) cats...WOOHOO! We also sometimes go on hikes in the mountains in the Lake LA area… And I cut hair for missionaries... :D I'm doing just fine these days and am enjoying myself very, VERY much. :)

Well, I am short on time today because I'm at the L’s emailing due to the fact that the Church is occupied with Christmas party stuff, so I gotta run now. Have to let the Sisters email, haha. :P


~ Elder 9 

At the Creche - with some people he helped baptize and whom he loves dearly, and next with his companion - 

 At a member's house - eating ice cream after they fed them dinner.
Missionaries depend on others feeding them dinner. Otherwise they go without.
So if you ever see an LDS missionary, ask them if they have a dinner appointment. If they don't, perhaps you'll be kind enough to consider inviting them for dinner. :)
Our family does tries to do the same.

Some of the exotic cats at The Feline Compound - 

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