Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mission Letter Week 72 - 01 December 2014

Happy December everybody! :D


DMCO Concert time!! Emi are you excited or what?!?! I love that feeling right before an awesome concert! :D GOOD LUCK ON IT! I am QUITE sure you will do very well. :P Hopefully L can make it to the concert too! I sure wish I could watch it. :)  And yes, I did eat a TON of food!! I had a fun weekend and probably gained 500 pounds!  We actually ate 5 Thanksgiving dinners, and more than 8 desserts over the last 3-4 days.


You cooked a Dana Turkey!! WHOOO!! Those things are AWESOME! :D And it looks SOOOO good too.  Sure wish I could sink my teeth into that!

Nice work with the projector stand too. Looks good, and functional. 

Re: "It's not Christmas until somebody cries" family motto:  And here I thought that by being in California, the holidays would have fewer tears in them. 

Cool to hear about the V's. Hopefully they don't leave like the B's did.

Love you too, Brak Brak, and Godspeed.


This weekend was awesome. I have consumed so much food these last few days it is absolutely ridiculous!

Yes, we are spreading the cards for “He Is the Gift” around the ward and around our area now. It’s a nice little gift for people. :)

Our main investigators that we are working with are J and E. E has a baptism date for Jan. 17 and J is a brand-new investigator now. We are working with others, but these are the main two that are progressing for reals. :)

I am SO excited for RJ and S! It sounds like they are doing a lot better these days... maybe one day soon they'll hop over to S's and we can all visit. :) We shall see!

Hahaha - the pea coat is just a ‘want’, mainly because my other one is a little big on me now. It makes for a good over coat for my suit though haha. Yeah, I pooh-poohed the idea of buying one before my mission… back when I didn't have your sense of style. I have been paying attention more and thinking of all that advice I ignored over the years and started realizing... dadgum... she's good... So yeah. :) I can get it here, maybe if I slip down to Palmdale, just next door and go to a store down there, which I should be able to do on any given P-day, granted I let my zone leaders know, haha. Again though, just a want. If it’s too much, no worries. I can survive without it.

I already have a pretty good idea who’s home we will be skyping from for Christmas, so no worries there. :)

I love the Thanksgiving picture! :) Looks like a good time with really good people. I’m excited to meet the C family when I get home! They seem really cool. Especially since he was "Superman's body guard"!  That is way cool!

Wow though……. BYU-I just got a lot more attractive….. dadgum… dadgumdadgum.......

I LOVE the picture of Sister Melton!  That is hilarious!! And I very much enjoy the home-y pics of the Christmas decor!  Now to the letter in the mail...

Yep. I am definitely trunky. No doubt about it. But not homesick. There's a difference, at least in my mind. Trunky to me doesn’t really mean I’m sitting on luggage ready to go home because I’m ready to quit. It just means I think about home more and I can’t wait to go back, but I remain focused on the work and it doesn’t get me down at all. :P... Yay!

Wow... that was really cool to hear from Elder Snyder :') That really does mean a lot. We definitely had our downfalls and our triumphs, and I am grateful for what I have learned from him and from serving with him. It was a great time in my mission, and I am glad I showed up for it!

I gotta run now. LOVE YOU GUYS! BYE!!

~ Elder 9 

This photo is of Elder Nine's entire Zone in Bakersfield a couple of weeks ago. It was shared by another missionary's mother.

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