Monday, November 24, 2014

Mission Letter Week 71 - 24 November 2014

Hello!! Good to 'see' you all again!

I LOVE ELDER PETERSEN! XP We have been having so much fun and things have been working out very well here! We set another baptismal date last sat night with E and she is really excited for it!! It'll be in January because she will be out of town for the holidays, but we are very excited for her!

I am loving this ward and everyone in it. Brother D is our Ward Mission Leader and he and his wife are AWESOME!! They have gone on a couple senior missions and some vacations to the COOLEST places and have pictures all over their house of those places...I wanna do that - :P haha - and Brother D is totally on board and even ahead of the game.


Wow, that does not seem like a very nice girl. :( Just keep being nice though and maybe something will come of it! And even if not...her loss, and you are still happy!


That is really cool that you got to see N again. I feel like that part is just around the corner for me now! With only 8 months it feels like everything is coming to the finish line at a screaming pace!!! So needless to say, it’s crunch time.

We have some members that I don't really know yet that are feeding us lunch, another for dinner, and another for desert on Thanksgiving Day...lots of food! >:)

For question number 5, I will have to abstain from all the details of complete and utter insanity that occurred on the given days in question and simply leave it at “missionary work” ... :) Basically, all we did was contact "potential investigators" and set up appointments for this week and we also taught a couple of lessons to some investigators. Like E and A. I'm still introducing my self to some people and getting to know the area.

East Lancaster is a lot like the rest of Lancaster. Dirt, dust, cleaner air quality than Bakersfield, happy atmosphere. Middle class-ish, good work, a lot of fun things to do! So yeah...

Sooooooo for Christmas I think I would like one thing..............a pea coat! Or maybe just money to buy one...idk.............but that's all I want. :)  It doesn't have to be an expensive one either. Just from like Burlington or something... :)

I gotta bounce now. I love you guys!

~ Elder 9

Latest photo taken Sunday and shared with us by Sister F, in the Ward Elder 9 is currently serving in, after she read my comment that I was really missing my boy.

How can "just a photo" make a mother's heart so full and happy and fill it with such calming joy?

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