Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mission Letter Week 68 - 2 November 2014


So cool story, B AND J ARE GETTING SEALED THIS SATURDAY!!!! B invited me to go, and I'm asking President...though it may not be very likely that I'll actually get permission...but I had to ask! :) BUT THEY ARE GETTING SEALED!!! WHOOO!!! This has been his whole focus since taking the lessons. The entire thing has been about him realizing they have to be sealed, and now it's HAPPENING!!! I'm just sad that I might actually miss it. :’( - I'm SO happy for them! :D Elder Norton is too! haha! He emailed about it when he found out.....WHOOOOO!!!

But moving on from that...

HOLY COW EMILY!! You DO look like you want to kill something (in her Katniss costume)! XD That is LEGIT! Way to flippin' BE! Sounds like your Halloween was waaayyy cooler than mine...I made chili and sat on a couch, after doing a very tiny bit of missionary work, because we had a curfew we had to be in for... LAME!! ;) I'm sorry someone made you feel bad about being slow at the Hunt game. I'll have them know that I happen to be VERY slow at that game too, and upset that they'd get after you over not running as fast as they do. That was very rude. I should be nicer shouldn't I?  Oh well...being hunter is a ton of fun! Although still a lot of running...I think I possibly died a few times while playing the Hunt. But it's all good. :)

Love you Emi! Keep being great!


My week has been pretty great. Not much work as far as teaching goes but a ton of service!! We helped at the homeless shelter, we did a lot of stuff for the ward, and helped a couple of potential investigators move across the street among other things!

We did get rain and I totally danced in it!! :D

Haven’t heard from L yet, but still waiting. :)

Thanks for Elder Bevans' email!!

I'm okay on shirts for now, and maybe for the rest of my mission...there is no point in wearing out more shirts since they get dirty and worn out so quickly. I’m still decent looking so I'll just work with what I’ve got. :)

I will get a pic with Elder Parsons for you and send it next week. :)

WHOOO! Wood Badge (in Scouting) sounds like a great next step then! >:) And OA (Order of the Arrow in Scouting) I guess is always an option still...maybe... :)

Glad to hear about more time with Orli! I wish I could see her in person. :3


You can't get away from Scouts can you?? ;) That’s good. You do a lot of good there. :D Brother A is a great guy. Love him to death. N IS COMING HOME THOUGH?! Cray. Dat’s cray. Good for them though. :)

I want to share my testimony with you guys that it’s all true. Jesus is the Christ, our Heavenly Father loves us, the Spirit testifies of truth and I know all this BECAUSE of the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants us back...and He's fighting hard. So is the enemy. So let’s stand and fight!

Love you guys! The videos are on Dropbox, and I gotta run now! BYE!

~ Elder 9 

This sweet lady is someone Elder Nine knows well in his ward, but he didn't recognize her dressed up for Halloween as Perry the Platypus, so she was laughing a lot, and after the picture he realized who she was and started laughing a lot too! 

A nice man saw the Elders going about their day and snapped this photo to share with us!
"Hi, Elder Nine!" ;)

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