Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mission Letter Week 69 - 10 November 2014

Hey guys!!

I didn’t know that Elder Norton went with B and J (to the LA Temple to be sealed for time and eternity)!! That is awesome!! It was most likely his departing temple trip due to the fact that he is going home in a day or so…. AHHHHHH I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is very sad to hear that Sister B is leaving. :( I'm sure you guys have had a lot of good times together and she will be missed! I hope you get to meet up with her today!! But, it sounds like you are still having fun creating new things and trying new stuff (for Personal Progress)! Keep up the originality! It's a quality few people posses these days.

Those jeans (you drew on) look SWEET!! Kinda creepy with all the eyes...but in a good, artsy kinda way. ;P haha. LOVE ‘EM!!

I gotta go too now. Love you!


Good idea, re-reading the letter... I will. :)

I am getting transferred to a car area, as driver, and senior companion! Elder Parsons is also getting transferred. :( We are sad to leave...but he is going car, passenger, Junior comp, so who knows, they may "shotgun" us to the same area!! :D Hope and pray. Haha!

I will mail the (Christmas) stocking…but I need mailing money. :(

I did not get Herdez meals but I'll look into them. :) And, yes, we get Conference edition Ensigns…. I’ve already re-read them all just about now. Hahaha.

We have been in contact with the potentials, the S's, but they are still busy settling in for a few more days (after the move,) so it sounds like someone else will have to take care of that.

I will have a picture with Elder Parsons... at some point… I promise. Haha. We are not in shirt ’n ties right now so when we change today I’ll take a pic!

L and I finally got in touch, with a little help from President, and we are meeting tonight at 4pm at Marie Callender’s!! :D I’m really excited to meet her! :) Normally I would do Mexican food, but we have had Mexican food for every dinner this week, and poor Elder Parsons is still “a little white boy from Cali” (no hate!) and needs some variance. Hahaha! ;)

I cannot WAIT to be able to buy a drink in my new area! :D Hahaha. (Mom's note: this is how I can tell where he is transferred to. Otherwise I wait until next Monday to read it in his email. Tricky, spoiled little Mama!)

Love you too, Mamalama! BTW, did I only post up one video (last week in Dropbox)? Because I took/uploaded two but maybe only one made it up… Lemme know.


Hahaha, “creepy funeral pics”!! WHOO! XD Have fun with that! ;) Fun story about the speakers though! And sad to hear Emily won’t be able to go on Trek this time… But that’s okay, she'll get the chance. :)

I can’t wait to be a big boy too, and help out with all that greatness! :D We will get around to it! But time to slam dunk first, haha.

Thank you for all your awesomeness, love, support, and awesomeness… You already know why I said that twice… BRAAAKK!

Take care of business!

So I want to share with everybody the main thing that I have learned this week… That is, no matter what happens, no matter who does or says what, no matter if the world is falling apart… If the Lord wants something done, He is going to make VERY sure that it gets done, and done the right way! Through all of my little and not so little personal experiences, I can testify to you and everyone else, that the Lord is bringing about His great purpose in these last days and we had best be on our A game, because we need to add our part in. The Lord is counting on us to help hasten His work, which as we know is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”…. Sounds good to me! So perk those ears up and stay sharp. :) Love you all, Godspeed and have a great week! <3


~ Elder 9

After quickly replying to him, letting him know that we deposited money for him to mail back the Christmas stocking, and a comment that we love Marie Callender’s, asking him about a Sister there, and letting him know we did see two videos in the Dropbox, he replied:

Sweet beans! I’ll mail as soon as possible… Idk if I will be able to today because we have so much prepping to do for transfers...but I will try. :)

I'm excited to meet L! I’m also really excited to eat at Marie Callender’s for the first time ever! Hahaha. :P

Okay good, I thought I got two videos uploaded there! lol. Sister Hokanson is doing okay these days though. Sister Roberts is really good for her…. Sister Roberts is actually really, really cool!

LOVE YOU TOO! I will (keep my A game on)! :)

The photo we shared with Elder Nine so he could at least see this wonderful couple after they were sealed in the temple. THIS is what missionary work is truly for. This is the ultimate end result. 

This Elder got to teach this wonderful brother, and then ultimately attend his Temple Sealing to his beautiful wife. The crowing achievement both for the husband and the missionary!

Photos from the fabulous dinner date with this dear friend and old BYU roommate of mine.
We were roommates for about 3 years.
It is surreal for me to see her sitting next to my son. 
Thirty years ago, who would have ever thought such a thing would have happened!


And then, some more wonderful and beloved "new friends" in the Bakersfield mission, who had taken such great care of Elder Nine and really done so much for him the past few months, ambushed the Elders the last night before Transfers with an Oreo Pie!
What sweethearts!! What a tender mercy and blessing in our boy's life and our family's life!  Thank you R&T from the tippy toes at the bottom of our hearts!
Wow! People like this are the ones that really the place of mom and the family and help to bring love and "homeyness" to these missionaries! I'm so grateful and Elder Nine has developed such a sincere love for them. 


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