Monday, October 14, 2013

Mission Letter Week 13 - 14 October 2013

BUT... Sad news is, he lives in the LLA Ward boundaries so we have to refer him over there and get him in that ward. We would have done it sooner but we, he and J included, thought they were going to move into our ward boundaries until about two or three days ago :P BUT! He's totally on track and is WAY converted and knows that he is doing the right thing :))) We are SOOO Happy!!!!!!!!!!!

WHEW! Got that off my chest. Been wanting to tell you guys that since the day he set the date!!

Sister L , you are awesome. Quite simply the best. :) I love you so much and I thank you for helping me and my family, and showing the love I know you have! I'm sad I never made it to your baptism, I really wish I had. But life is life and we take it as it comes. Keep being your awesome self and going strong! Love you!

We went over to the C's again and had some SUH-WEET Carna Asata ("Carne Asada") ...if I spelled that right...IT WAS SO GOOD! and we have started a new "dinner lesson" with all our members and they were the first ones we shared it with. It's our Title of Liberty Message....It's like, totally legit and all that. >:)

Orli is HUGE!!! :D SO CUTE!!!!!

Okay, I'm sorry but I have to skip over the rest now, and to reply to the letter I got this week:

 I LOVED the pics of Elder R...I might write him a short one after this... :) and the platform 9 3/4 was AWESOME!! And the picture of Brother R. was HILARIOUS!

Elder S is in our District!! His comp is Elder F, who is in his last transfer. And I know Elder O, he used to be in our Zone, last transfer, but he got transferred out. He's pretty hilarious. He made a little goofy dance and we all do it and call it the O. hahaha!

That's so insanely cool of you guys as far as the suit goes!! Don't worry about getting a bunch of money in fast, I still have to find a suit and get it sized and then pay, so no biggy! I bought a sweater today though because its SUPER COLD!! Just an affordable gray v-neck from Target. IT IS SO SOFT. And for the shirts, I'm totally fine with what I have so no worries. And the Van Heusen from the distribution center will actually be just fine too. Once I washed and dried it, it fit very nicely! Sooo, if I could get one more, just sometime in the future for when I get my new suit that'd be swell, so I don't have to wear the same shirt with both suits...that'd be nasty...bleh.

Sister S is going to Guatemala!! WOOP! Tell her congrats for me and to pretend I gave her a big hug!! :D That is so awesome!!! She's going to be an amazing missionary and invite EVERYONE to get baptized. :)

Elder R  TOO!!! Too cray cray. Too cray. I met J while doing swing for Jubilee along with all my other Jubilee friends from Allen. I think he moved away though...But still, he's gonna be awesome too, over in Brazil.

And A coming home makes me feel reeeaaalllyyy weird...that means I'm really not all that far off my self. NOOOOOO!!!!

OH OH OH!!! Elder N and I both know K...Sister M, I mean...and the Es, K and B, we know the S's, S  and his family, and a bunch of other homeschooling families!! We wrote a letter to Sister M in the same envelope...that'll be fun for her to open. haha! So, yeah, crazy stuff over here on the west side of the tracks.

This week has been picking up a little bit and we contacted a lot more people. J is still where he's been the whole time. We are going to be giving him an ultimatum pretty soon and either he makes progress, or we'll have to drop him...we really want him to progress though, cause we HATE dropping people. No fun. BUT! On the plus side of things, we found G, an amazing woman!! She is elderly and from the British Colonies in Central America! How cool is THAT? Pretty stinking cool. We set a baptismal date with her right away and taught her the restoration and have met with her one other time to just see how she is doing. She's super solid and loves it when we stop by. Her son, G, takes care of her and her niece is there often as well so we are hoping to involve them as well very soon. WOOP! They are really really nice people, and a lot of fun to talk to.

I didn't know you could pray every 15 min in a day, but we do, quite literally, everyday. Seriously, FIFTEEN MINUTES. And in between we are still praying silently ALL the time!! And then BOOM. Miracle. just like that. I love my job.

Okay that's all I got this time. I'll be sending a package home very soon, in the next day or two...hopefully today. So happy birthday to the girls! >:)

Love you guys!!

Elder Nine

P.S. If you just happened to send Nutella I would NOT complain...Just sayin'.... :) BYE!

Could you find out what Elder R's email is and put it in my contacts for next week?? THANKS!!!!! :)

~ Elder Nine

Hey guys! Here are some pics of Elder N and me with B, his wife J and the S's. :D B and J are the younger couple. Sister S is Brazilian and makes AWESOME Latin food! >:) WOOOOPP!!! We are in the S's home and just finished dinner and teaching B. :)

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