Monday, October 7, 2013

Mission Letter Week 12 - 07 October 2013

Soooo I realized something. Emily's initials are E9......Now mine are the same, for “Elder 9. >:)  So it’s E9 squared!

As far as the texting language, it's totally fine. I do want to get better about it so no worries at all. I'm just sometimes in a small rush to get everything out and so it gets a bit sloppy. Oh well!

Emi, that is awesome that you taught yourself to play a song! I like doing self-taught although it can help if you have someone helping you along too...but yeah, that's greatness! Keep it up!

As far as my reasons for eating healthier and what Brother M. told me, he basically clarified that the Word of Wisdom includes anything harmful...and had me think about it, putting all my desires and cravings aside. That following P-day I bought lettuce and watermelon for my main food source, haha! It actually feels really good too and I have way more energy now! It's like Meshack, “RadioShack” and “To-bed-we-go”...... Now that's funny right there. So the reason why is because I'm trying to take better care of my temple. And I have some work to do...

I like the swapping SD cards idea. *Jack Black voice from Nacho Libre*: Is goood. Is really goood.

FAMILY PICTURE!!!! People bein’ jelly of my family. YUH. You guys look so good!! And yes, daddy looks goofy...but that's normal. :P

B LOVED General Conference (I'm saying GC now cause that took way too many tries to spell) and we are meeting on Wednesday night to talk to him and possibly set a DATE!!!! WOOO!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

We are also teaching J....who is always super drunk .__. but last time we taught him we committed him to live the Word of Wisdom and took all his alcohol from him...with his permission of course. I felt like a total sinner with it all in my bag until we dumped it. Yeesh. The bottles themselves are possessed of evil spirits, no lie. You feel SO BAD. Even though you are dumping it and by doing so, helping someone... so hopefully he will not go and buy more.... ‘cuz if he does we'll have to take that too. oi.

R...We need a lot more R' a whole ward of them. Whoa. That would be REALLY weird...never mind about that. But he's doing super well, and his family has been really nice about it all and we talk to them all the time...potential? YUS. So we may be able to work with them through R and his pure awesomeness! No pics again cause I didn't bring my camera... MUH B. But you'll get some soon enough when we swap cards! Although I'll still send pics over email, if I can remember to bring the silly thing.

Transfers are 3 weeks from tomorrow. A transfer is every 6 weeks, soooo yeah. And I'll keep you posted if and when I am transferred.
When Elder N realized that we both knew M, now Sister M and the family, we about lost, we lost it. The S.  Elders that live at the C's with us were looking at us and Elder P was like "that's cute." haha! So that was an awesome moment!!!

And YES he was homeschooled!! So we are fellow homeschooled Texans!! HOW. COOL. ARE. WE. Pretty cool, I'm tellin’ you.

As far as GC goes.....MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK! Every other talk was about it, for reals! Also I noticed a lot of focus on the sacred role of womanhood and the important role of a Priesthood holder. WOW. They were not shy this time. We need to really make sure we show respect for those things. And members just need to freaking talk to people!!!! DO IT!!!! And that's what I mostly got out of it...

Daddy, my favorite quote? I don't remember which Gen Authority said it, but I took a note of it in my notebook, and he quoted what is now another favorite scripture of mine. Fear not, Only Believe. (Luke 8:50 - “But Jesus hearing it, answered him, Fear not: only believe, and she will be made whole.”)

SOOO. This week has been super slow too. LAME. We had to drop a lot of our investigators because they were just not progressing AT ALL and had no desire to. And so we are pretty much teaching B and J twice a week...........and knocking doors. BUM. However we are trying to get the members involved by inviting them to invite their friends to do family history work. >:)  We are working with the Ward Council on it and are hoping to see results in the coming weeks. Other than that, not much has really happened. I know. LAME.

As for the shirts, I will look around for some good deals, but honestly, what I'm going to need more, is a cold weather coat, and very possibly another suit. I totally understand about the money, don't stress over it at all. The reason I would need another suit is, since we are state-side, we can go to a lot more training meetings and such, so I am wearing a suit 2-4 times a week, all day long and it's kinda hard to do that with one suit....sorry if that's a tough one :/ I wish I wasn't pulling more funds from you guys. Let me know what you think I should and can do.

I also wish I had more to talk about, this week has just been really slow. I love you guys! Take care. Godspeed.

- Elder Nine

(Note: Just in case anyone is thinking Elder 9 only has one suit to wear, you’re right! ;)  However, he has plenty of slacks and shirts too. But they aren’t actual “suits”, which is what he needs for training and other “meetings”.  Looks like he’ll soon have at least 1 more suit!) ;)

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