Monday, September 30, 2013

Mission Letter Week 11 - 30 September 2013

HELLO ALL!!! :D  So, hi.

MAMA!!!! I'm sorry I didn't send anything for your birthday!!!  I have been a tad BROKE since I'm not used to budgeting with so little money... but I know what I'm doing now, so I'll get something and send it out ASAP. :D And it will be good, and loverly, and amazing, and more loverly. :D ‘Cuz, yeah. So I'm super duper sorry for not getting anything to you yet... and as lovely as you'll be about and saying "Oh don't worry about it -" NO. I WILL WORRY. AND I WILL DELIVER! BOOM BABY!

And we move on...

Daddy, I see you are still practicing the whole "Don't camp on Mama's birthday" thing. ;) Make sure you plan that out next time. Yes, I'm telling you what to do. And I love you. :D I am glad that it worked out though and that you have the opportunity to share your pure awesomeness and attractiveness with all the other leaders...with no charge. ;) You are an amazing teacher, both of you are, and I love you both a ton, and I am so glad that I was smart enough to pick you two.

BTW, I'll start picking out my beating stick now so I'll have the perfect one to get ‘em with....... (in reference to keeping the boys off little sister Emily when she gets to be dating age.)

EMILY!! Nice haircut!! Superbly cute :) I like the look! I'm also glad you found the key to the guitar case. :D I believe that I loosened the strings all the way so if you need help tuning it, talk to DC , or maybe Mama and Daddy can, and they can tune it up. :) Hope you have fun with it. :) And how's the violin coming along?!?!?! I gotta keep it short for all the writing I have to do. :P LOVE YOU!!

Dearest, dearest mother dear. :) I love you way too much. But I think you might have me least you know where I'm coming from. And because of that love... you are now going to forgive me for forgetting to bring my camera with me to the computer. :D <3

And moving on again! The money thing is totally fine. Haha! Don't even worry about it. I try not to use it unless I really need to anyways... also, I bought a brown belt at Walmart to match some nice shoes that a missionary gave me. That was only $12. THANK YOU though for the money that you guys sacrifice for me... I only now realize how much food I freaking eat! Hahaha...but I've been eating a ton of salads and healthy stuff lately...and it has been working OUT for me.

The Family Values Meeting thingy was way cool, but our Bishop gave us a ride and said we needed to leave right after so we didn't get a chance to talk to any non-members there so it felt like we wasted and hour and a half. :(

K IS GOING TO JAPAN on his mission?!!! I totally called that like a year ago! He's gonna be great over there and baptize a million people!!

GENERAL CONFERENCE !!! :D Time for some good ol' edification baby!! WOOP! Elder Norton and I are SO EXCITED!!! And it's SICK (that means GREAT) that Priesthood Session is being done live now. :D But DADDY! Go to the Stake Center. DO IT. Don't sit at home. Our Bishop reminded us that one of the biggest things about Priesthood is SHOWING UP. ;) But you are a smart man and have taught me that all my life so you probably already knew that. ;) Plus the fellowshipping is a good thing too!

Honestly for shirts right now I’m doing OK. I'll be totally honest, the one that I want right now, is the Joseph Aboud shirt that I got from men’s that OK?? There is a Men’s Wearhouse close enough for me to go to if you are OK with that...let me know through DearElder. :D

As for the gift cards, I think I might actually pass now...I've talked with a Brother in our ward and I have taken a very different look on the Word of Wisdom as of late so I'll just be buying my own food from Walmart and then maybe the occasional stop once in a little while when we all go to eat somewhere...thanks though!!

I love obedience so much! :) That's really all I have to say about that haha. Just be obedient. If there is a tiny doubt in your mind about something, DON'T EVEN DO IT. That simple. Once we make the dedication and commitment to our Lord and God, it ceases to be a temptation altogether. Just like that Ezra Taft Benson quote you shared with me (“When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.”) ...I never knew how important that little thing on our fridge was!! It was right there...but I take comfort in that, because it is IN MY HOME. The fact that it is there means something; and I love it. :) yeah. I made some really bad calls at that time. I didn't think it was too bad...but Brother C always has a burn-pile going on his property soooo... that was a fun evening activity! I now only have music that is uplifting, in the spirit of my sacred calling and directs my thoughts and feelings to Christ...and if you wanted to send more of that kind of stuff, that'd be swell. :D It's okay if it's upbeat and happy, because the calm stuff is sometimes...........sleepyish.....and that's bad in the morning. lol! Just nothing that is "distracting in it's tempo, beat, loudness, or intensity"...that’s an approximate quote. :P

LC MY BOY, DOIN' WORK!  Hahaha! That's awesome to hear about him getting civilly married! :) Glad things are going well there!

Answer-The-Questions Time... :)

The bike is more than OK. haha! I had to buy a new stem for it, just to raise the handle bars, that’s why I spent 60 bucks plus labor and a quick tune up; so that was actually an awesome deal. lol. And I’m almost all healed so that happened quick. :)

R GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!  Elder N did the baptism and I did the confirmation. :D We didn't get a picture in the whites, but I'll get a pic to you asap from that event. :)

And as for B, he is SO CLOSE!!! He has overcome all of his concerns, has had his spiritual experience and I think that General Conference will be the last straw! :D So that's super exciting!!!!! We can't seem to get in contact any of our other investigators, so that’s been a bit rough. We are working on reaching out to them though. :)

OK so favorite one so far. Here it is: We were just knocking doors on this one street in the middle of a neighborhood, and we knock on another door...we wait...then right as we ring the door bell the garage door opens and this grumpy, hairy, tubby guy in his "beefy Hanes" (to use an Olan Rodgers reference) and started yelling at us telling us we made him forget to get dressed and thanks for waking him up and got after us for letting our dogs poop on his lawn and all that good jazz....... I almost busted out laughing right there! So I just waited till I had gone two steps away until I started laughing... I’m sure he loved that!! But as we walked away, we saw that he had taken all the dog poop and lined it up on the side walk... The guy was messed up! It was SO FUNNY!!!!!!! I was on exchanges with Elder D, our newest Zone Leader at the time. :D

We had transfers two weeks ago BTW. Elder N and I are still in R.V. though. :) Those Texans stick together! OH! IDK if I told you this but N is from HOUSTON!!! :D And we both know SM.!!! WUDDUP?!!!!! So, yeah. Sister P lost Sisters T and M in the last transfer but we have Sister A with her now.  Elder F got transferred and A has M now. M is a newbie.  But a way-good guy and a lot of fun. :) Since Elder "X" left, Elder J got transferred and the S. Ward has four Elders now not just two.P  and G in area 1, and F and S in area 2. S is a big Samoan boy and it is FUN playing basketball and singing with a ukulele with him!! He has a great singing voice!

I have so many things to talk about but I can't remember them all!!! GAAH!!!!!

The open house was good but we didn't get as many referrals as we had hoped...though we have quite a few more than before. :D So we will be working closely with the members to follow up with their friends. :)

That's a good pic of Emily! :D And an awesome haircut! Tell Tiffany “HI BACK!”

This week has been slower than normal so there's not much else to talk about. I'm sorry I forgot my camera!! I like sending pics almost as much as you like to see them! :) It's easier to explain things as well, haha. I'll get them next week though. :D

I love you guys!! Godspeed! (my new favorite word to use :) )

Elder Nine

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