Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mission Letter Week 7 - 03 September 2013

WOOHOO! He (Colin) IS an Eagle!!! AWESOME!! :D Good to hear. :)

This week has been INSANE. We found SEVEN new investigators!! WOOP! As they progress I'll start giving more details, but until then all that's really happened is we met these people while they are walking, as we knock doors, and so forth, and we have taught them the first lesson and set a return appointment. :D SEVEN! Cray-Cray. So yeah. Elder N and I are super happy about that! R has not been baptized yet ( I believe that was a question?) His date is Sep. 28th...A day after a very special birthday. :)) B on the other hand, while he doesn't have a date set yet, he HAS had a few "spiritual experiences" now! As he reads the Book of Mormon and listens to the lessons when we teach him he says it just keeps making more and more sense to him and he's been praying a lot lately and he now knows that the Gospel is true and the Book of Mormon is the Word of God!! YES. His only remaining concern is the reaction of his family. He has a good strong relationship with them and doesn't want to hurt that. We understand and actually encourage keeping strong family ties, sooooo we'll be working with him as he works with them to overcome that. Beyond that, he's super ready for this. :D

Here's a fun fact. We were getting a ride home after a dinner and message with a member family, and as we were driving down the dirt road to get home, I saw a speed limit sign that said 23.5 MPH .......YEP.

Elder N  and I have decided to do the coolest study "Idea/Program/Thingy" EVER. We started reading in Alma chapter 17 where Ammon and the sons of Mosiah pick up. In verses 9 and 11 it talks about being "an instrument in the hands of the Lord" and we have actually been using that as a "member message" for dinners and such in preparation for this SWEET event that is coming up. It's an open house....for church on Sunday. OH YEAH. All the members are getting involved and we should have like a buhjillion people to talk to and hopefully teach :D

ANYWAYS, so we have been reading in Alma about Ammon and his brothers and here's how we decided to do it: Elder N and I were talking about some of our favorite book series...naturally I brought "Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites"... then I remembered what Garth Plimpton said while there, when he saw Ammon. Something like "He's the greatest missionary that ever lived" and we got to thinking, why not study the greatest missionary of all time to be better missionaries? And so it began. It's amazing how great a teacher the scriptures can be if you HAVE A SPECIFIC QUESTION or TOPIC in mind. Just like with prayer, if you go into it with something specific, the Lord will reply VERY specifically. We just have to give Him the SPECIFIC material to work that...specific enough? ;) 


1.) This is Me with Elder J, our lovely District leader...this is us after our exchange we had been on.

2.) This is the back of Elder N, my comp...both our bikes had gotten flats and one of them the gears stopped working.......walking day!! There are several dirt roads to walk on....... This was the short one..... And that's just to get into our area because we live outside of our area.

More to come in a follow up email in a few min after this one :)

I love hearing from you guys. It's so cool. 

That is AWESOME to hear about the Hs!! Someone give 'em both a huge hug from me... Daddy you give a massive one to him from me. BIG HUG. Seriously though. Like RIDICULOUSLY BIG. Do it. I can't even say how important it is that we are endowed and that eventually we get sealed. I hope they get the chance for that as well. :) SO COOL!

As for that bit about Brother J. B. being comps with President C's brother..... I LOST IT. THAT'S AWESOME. Speaking of Brother B, will someone please tell that man how amazing he is?!?! I was just thinking about all the learning and teaching and experiencating (that's a word) that I was able to do with him and because of him, as I talked with the Young Men's Pres here, Bro P. Please let him know how grateful I am to him for all he did for me. kthx. 

STEAK IS GOOD. (Pres C asked them what they wanted for dinner one night, and they said steak. Bob laughed so hard.)

About the compliments we shared with him from Pres C:  President C said all that?? Yowza. That's nice to hear... Crazy nice. :)  He's such a cool guy and he's a great Stake President... Imagine President W...but as a jokester as well.

BISHOP L!! That's gonna be good. He's also an incredible man. It amazes me how much I was surrounded by good people who love and live the Gospel. Do the same for him as Brother B  please. I love Broth-Bishop L a ton. many good things to say about him. And Brothers E and D.B. will be awesome counselors... It's very sad to see Bishop H leaving the stand though. He's a wonderful man and has done an incredible job as Bishop. I'm glad he got to be Bishop while I was there. :)

That's also wonderful to hear about Emily. :D Brave girl! ;) (That she shared a bit about the Gospel and missionary work with a completely stranger while she and Bob were in a store, and they got to talking about her brother serving a mission).  About Emily sleeping alone now (she’s been afraid since birth to sleep alone) and turning to God through faith, hymns, and prayer:  Heavenly Father will take care of us all the time. Even in bed! :)  

I did splurge a bit on a tie from Ross. A super nice paisley! But everything else I've had to buy with my home card was needed stuff haha. Speaking of that type of stuff, my bike comes to mind. I am 99% sure it's at the mission office now, it just has to get picked up by the Zone Leaders (Wednesday) and I should have it by Thursday-ish. 

Sad to hear about the drill (it gave up the ghost). :( But happy to hear about the pure essential oils for my first aid kit! :D

And having A write me letters would be totally Awesomeness! :D I love mail so much.

I must say, in reply to the weather question, it is very dry here. I get cotton mouth just from walking to the mailbox ._. at least I'll never get dehydrated...but at least the heat isn't too bad. It's funny though ‘cuz people here think it's crazy hot and them offering us water is a great way to get in the door haha. 

My foot is fine too, B T DUBS (By The Way). 

I don't know about Skyping yet. I've heard it's been done and it's OK... so I'll find out.

In all honesty, the Eddie Bauer shirts feel less and less comfortable every time..I don't even. But the Enro's are great...except for the relaxed fit...that part is not cool. My slacks are a tad baggy too so with both of them being big it looks a LITTLE bit sloppy. I'll be trying to look for a tailor this P-day for my slacks though. Soooo yeah. And of course, me being smart, I haven't tried my baptismal clothes on yet. haha! I'll let you know next week.

I may need kitcheny stuff once I transfer to a different area, but I can just buy that stuff here with the home card if that's OK with you guys? 

I love you guys a ton. I'm having a great time here in this ward and there are lots of good people to take care of us. The work is moving forward VERY fast here. Elder N and I have already begun to break "records" in this area as far as the work is concerned. President C was telling us at dinner one time that we are the lowest producing ward in baptisms/conversions...we looked him square in the face and DECLARED we would be changing that well before we transfer out. It's already begun to happen. It is INSANELY INCREDIBLE to see the kinds of miracles that happen. One of my favorites so far was this Sunday we were looking for at least one more investigator (we had 6 new at the time) and we had 15-20 min till our last appointment and then we'd go home. Well we prayed for inspiration and to be able to find someone. Not even 10 seconds later, a lady drove into her driveway, we taught her about the restoration and set a return appointment. Seven. BOMBSAUCE. I love my job. And I love you guys. Time to wrap up now. I'll send a another email with some more pic (I can only send so many per email.)

I love you guys! Keep the work moving forward, always!


3.) This is a sign we saw on a random persons door that didn't answer the door.

 4.) This is a nice view on a hike we had on Monday! our Zone (Zion Zone, double Z) is pretty cool like this. We do all kinds of fun stuffz. It started when Elder N and I thought it'd be good to cook breakfast for everyone on a P-day. So started our zone activities. :D The hike was one of them. 

5.) One more pic........... Here is the same spot but...a better view ;) that's N & N right there!

That's all I have this time around! I'll try to get a normal pic of Elder J  (DL) and a pic of our Zone Leaders, Elders W and M :)


We love you son, and pray for you a lot. As well as your Investigators. 

If they don't get you your bike soon, I will fly down there and drive it to you myself. Dadgummit. Get my boy his bike. 

Hahaha! That would be.......interesting for sure! I'm pretty pumped to try it out. haha.

Oh and a note for Mama, I am going to write JK snail mail so that should get to her OK. 

I love you guys! (cause I haven't said that enough)

bye bye!

LOL, I see your camel back hydration hose in your P-Day pic. 

BTW, that scenery pic is now my iPhone background. Excellent imagery, love getting a feel for your area. 

The Camelback is SOOOOO NICE. Everyone's like "three liters? that's too much to hauling around," then they see who they are talking to.... and then they ask for some from me. It's a good pic :) 


roflshmsfo (so hard my sombrero falls off)

whats pmgo??

puking my guts out

It was easier than typing 'peeing in my chair at work'. 

...mature.  haha! I have to go now. Time for the other missionaries to write home. :) Love you!

~ Elder 9 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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