Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mission Letter Week 8 - 09 September 2013

Hey guys!... I got here late, so I'll have to abbreviate some things. :P

First off, this week I learned that I can talk to birds; a grasshopper in the middle of the sidewalk decided to hitch a ride and then 10 min later jumped onto another cyclist going the other way, (skilled jumping); and a bunch of other WEIRD things have happened. O.o I only have one or two goofy pics to send but those will have to wait due to time plus the computer I'm using doesn't have an SD card slot and I forgot my cable.

Onto better things now :) DA BIKE IZ AWESOMENESS! It needs a bit of a tune up but I expected as much. IT'S A BEAST though! I love it so much! :D THANK YOU! And yes, I lock it up the way I'm supposed to when I can. Most of the time we have to use a cable lock though because we lock 'em up in neighborhoods on light poles. Haha! But then I still lock the front wheel to my bike at least.  So good stuff. :D Daddy, thank you for the willingness to get it to me!

Speaking of Elder C in P, could you please get me his email, as well as Elder L's?? That'd be super duper. Thanks! :D

Okay, skipping to the ?'s and stuff...

I did get the D letter and I replied to it in the snail-mail.  It is very sad to hear. I will let my letter say the rest about it.

Sadly due to my superior wisdom I still have not tried on the baptismal clothing.  Sowwy! You got 3 Enro shirts for me though. So, so far I'm doing OK, but when I transfer out either in 7 weeks or 13 (or more depending) I'll need more because I won't have free reign on a washer and dryer like I do here at the C's. BTW Bro C reminds me a lot of Brother M back home. 

I'll ask my beloved District Leader if he knows B or I. We shall see!

I would love to have D's address when you get it. That is also in the letter I wrote back. 

I see HERMANA W (they have a thing about making that clarification haha) quite often actually. 2-3 times a week for a few hours each time! So coolio. She did go on the hike but her comp, Hermana M had to go back down soon after starting because of her hip (previous injury). :(  But yeah, the hike was almost our whole Zone! Elder A's idea. We have 27 missionaries in our Zone B T DUBS. It's an odd number because our District has a trio of Sisters...and they are the COOLEST SISTERS EVER! :D

A and F are in my District and they are the missionaries we call when we need a car ride and can't get a we're pretty close actually for not being companions and for not living at the same place. COOL GUYS.

It is actually quite nice to have paragraph headings. (Answering mom's question.)

Transfers are a week from tomorrow but I will very likely be staying for a few more months. Trainees and their trainers generally stay at least 3 months to finish the 12 week training program, and it's okay because I LOVE RV 1st. :D Except for the biking on these HUGE hills.  It's actually the hardest biking area or very close to it in the whole mission I found out.... the Lord is laughing so hard right now....  I've lost the 15 MTC pounds though!!! WOOP! IDK if I told you guys but I gained 15 lbs. in the MTC....but I just finished biking it all off.

Okay, so this week has kinda been uneventful. But we strongly believe that next week it'll pick up again. :D This week we got no new investigators and only got to see a few of our not-new investigators as a lot of them have had things come up...of course. And then of course all our finding time (called tracting in the old days) is taken up by an assignment from the Bishop (Bishop A is WAY COOL by the way! :D) And the assignment is passing out invitations to less actives, and members who weren't there on a specific Sunday when they handed them out. The invites are for the members to give to their non member friends and peers to invite them to a "Sabbath day open house", which is church, but specialized to introduce non members to how we do things. :D Might be something you could recommend to Bishop L .... from me. :) So that takes a lot of time but we are finishing up with handing those out.

So this week there wasn't anything super special....except DISTRICT MEETING!!!!! DOOPPEE! :D I love District Meetings. We have them every Friday late morning. Elder J leads it. We also had a SWEET ZTM (Zone Training Meeting). Both meetings focused on one thing. OBEDIENCE. after hearing Elder J, as well as Elders W and M talk, I'm like "Yo fools! Be obedient! You goofin', or what!??!?!?! DUHHH!!"

I like this quote on obedience, "Obedience brings blessings...but EXACT obedience brings MIRACLES."...I want miracles...and as I've been obedient, to the Mission rules, to my leaders, and to my God I HAVE seen miracles. Everyday I see little ones at least. It blows my mind why people want to disobey and be dumb like that. In D&C 130:20-21 it talks about how when we obey the rules and commandments given to us by Heavenly Father and our leaders, the Lord Himself is also COMMANDED and OBLIGATED to give us blessings. It's so easy. We obey. We get blessed. BOMBSAUCE. Give me logic that says otherwise. I dare you.

One other thought I've had this week is, as Elder N and I were reading in Alma (more missionary studying of Ammon and Aaron and the sons of Mosiah, whom I continue to regard as complete BOSSES) and we came across two verses early on. Alma 17:9 and 11 it talks about being an instrument in the hands of God. Here's the short version of the message we share with our lovely members here:

Imagine you are playing the piano, or any other instrument, and as you play you can only use one note at a time. The song will sound simple, even plain, yes? Now imagine if you could play with two notes at a time. Still plain but a little harmony in there right? Now, Imagine you were playing with as many notes as you want. Imagine you are playing Beethoven with some others next to you playing along. That would sound BEAUTIFUL wouldn't it? Same applies to missionary work. Elder N and I are only two notes for the Lord to play. He needs more than that. He needs everyone of them at His disposal...think if you were playing something cool and all of a sudden you got a dead note. that would stink. you'd be really not cool with that right? SAME WITH THE LORD. Missionary work is for everyone. we have been commanded to take the gospel to all the ends of the earth. the lord didn't say put in two years or 18 months and you're good... psshhh HE SAID EVERYONE GET TO WORK. Get off your sorry butts and open your mouths!!! THAT is what the Lord asks of us. In two years I will NOT, I say will NOT be saying I have gone and done, but rather I will CONTINUE to say I WILL GO AND DO. And the Lord WILL provide away. I have come to realization that missionary work is a life time endeavor...and not in the way I used to think about it. But rather that we must always be a FULL TIME servant of the Lord. Yes, right now I have the Mantle. Yes, I have a calling and no school or other responsibilities to get in the way. Yes, it's easier now... but it's only the beginning and we CANNOT STOP. We MUST not STOP. And I WILL NOT STOP.

I love you all sooooo much!! I am so excited to see missionary work EXPLODE as these next 22.3 months go by and I hope it goes by slower than it has been, because its already WAY too fast!!! I have to run now! KTHXBAI!

Elder Nine

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