Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mission Letter Week 15 - 28 October 2013

Dear Family:

B. IS NOW A MEMBER!! WOOP! He also got the Priesthood yesterday AND a home teaching route!! :D He lives in the LLA Ward though so we won't see him very often. :( Transfers ARE tomorrow, but we were called Saturday so now we know what is happening.........duhn duhn DUUUHHHNNN!!! So Elder N is going ZONE LEADER!!!!! WOOO!!! He was District Leader this last transfer so he got “promoted”. Hahaha! I am STAYING!! :D AND.......I am training a brand new missionary!!! Wut iz dis. It must be an inspired decision and someone else better know what's going on 'cuz I have NO clue! :O  I'm pretty excited though! :)

We will be dropping J. by Wednesday or Thursday if we cannot make any progress with him. He's too much of a mooch and boozer to work with. He needs a counselor. BADLY.  But it is sad to see that he doesn't have any desire to change. We will try to stay in touch with him and if he turns around then great... but till then, we need to focus on the people that are ready NOW. Speaking of now, R. is getting (being ordained to) the Priesthood soon, has already begun his family history work and is DYING to get their temple work done! He is waaayyy too cool. We need a hundred R's and B's. They are just awesome. And we are allowed and ENCOURAGED to stay in touch, so I'll still hear from B. occasionally! And of course, I see R. 2-3 times a week.

G.! G. is cool. I don't remember if I have talked about her yet or not but we met her a couple weeks ago and set a baptismal date right away! She is a black lady from Belize and speaks English, Spanish, and Korean, in that order….Daaannngggg! And the dog speaks Spanish....yep. So we have been teaching her and she is still on track to get baptized by November 23!! Which is totally awesomesauce! And Her granddaughter has been reading the Book of Mormon to her a bunch...we may start teaching her too if she would stop running away every time we show up.  .__.   It's like they think I'm gonna bite or something, sheesh.

There is also C., and her elderly mother, A..  C.'s sister’s her nieces and nephews, are members we found out! And her father, whom we gave a Priesthood blessing to, has recently passed away, so we have been helping them whenever and however we can as well as teaching them when the moments allow. They'll be baptized. I know it. It's just going to take time. They are willing, they just have to take the right steps. And they are, slowly.

As for A., we had to drop her because she kept avoiding us...? I don't even know. So we had to stop going by. Sad face.

That's pretty much all the people that are progressing so far. We are still contacting people like crazy.

I'm glad you guys liked the gifts!! :D I was talking to Elder A about good places to shop and he had found a cute antique store with AWESOME stuff in it!! I might go back there for myself sometime! :D But I am glad that you like them. :)

Sorry for the plumbing problems!

And yes! I love getting updates about other missionaries! It's good and APPROVED reading material! Keep ‘em coming!!

Why do my baptismal pants not fit? BURGERS. DABURGERS. Hahahaha! But really now...I'm just too fat. ;D Would you prefer that I send them back or just donate them?? Put that answer in the letter you send snail mail. :) I like those letters by the way, they make me super happy!

My shoes are EPIC. I could not ask for better ones, the other missionary was just trying to get rid of some shoes so he just gave them to me! FREE SHOES!

Emily, I am so excited for you to be going into Young Women's and having that experience in your life! :)  It's gonna be awesome, and you are gonna be awesome!! I love hearing from you every week, so don't miss a week! ;)

Braaky, I have actually thought a little about where I'd live after the mission (don't worry, I am focused on the work and I'm not "trunky"!) And I may very well stay in the same ward. It's really one of the best places, now that I have seen other wards and places. I may check out others as well but it's looking likely that I'll stay local. ;) Okay, back to work.

GO CARDINALS!!!!!! back to work again...

J IS DATING K!??!?!?! WUUUTTTTT!!!! back to work....

Ds ARE GRANDPARENTS!!!!!????!!?!?!?!?!?

D GOT HIS CALL?!?!?!?!?


But for really reals, I have to go soon. I will send some pics in an email after this :)

~ Elder Nine

My costume! :D I thought it was clever, if last minute. We didn't have time for anything else. Haha!

R and I as we go into the Family History Center at the Stake Center! So there he is!!

The haircut I gave to Elder N with the cutters we borrowed from Elder A. :D NICE!!!

Us goofing around mid-haircut! :D

Emily inspired us, so we carved some pumpkins!! :D  Mine is on the right, and N's is on the left.

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