Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mission Letter Week 16 - 04 November 2013

This is going to be very short, but next week I'll have more time!

Yes, I will take a pic of my new coat and sweater. :)

Yes my new companion is Elder S. :P He is AWESOME!! We are both learning from each other and working pretty hard. It’s all going very nicely. We really like working with each other and have already had some great times. I do miss Elder N but we have email so no biggy. :P

Oh, and being trainer is a ton of fun!!

I did get the pics in the mail, N looks EXACTLY like his mom!!! :O

I sing so much here that I almost get in trouble. I am almost always singing or humming something. It’s a great way to stay happy even when times are hard and chips are down, he knows just what to do,..... wait a second........ that was Michael Martin Murphy.... oopsie. ;D

This week almost nothing has happened. G. flaked out on us and we now have to reset her baptismal date because she didn't go to church on Sunday.   >:(

C. and A. are doing OK, we didn't meet this week though. They will be a slower work than most. They want to take it slow, so we take it slow. They should be making some nice progress soon though. :D

R. is AWESOME! He now has a calling as second counselor in the Sunday School Presidency!!! HE's gonna be awesome. :))

We did hear from J., not B. though,... same diff… and I sent that to you. :)

We also introduced a new thing in Ward Council this last Sunday, involving the members as they invite people to go to the Family History Center and do genealogy and then as they ask questions.... they get directed to the missionaries (when applicable). :D BRILLIANT!!

Sorry this is so short guys, next week I'll have a lot more time. :D I'll attach some pics but I gotta go now. :) BYE!


Elder Nine

Elder S and me

A friendship that will last forever!

SILLY FACES!!  Elder Nine, B., and Elder N

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