Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mission Letter Week 18 - 18 November 2013

Hi guys!

So this week has been a little stressful but we've made it through, so all is well and going......sort of smoothly again. :) Thank you for the letter, I LOVE GETTING LETTERS! Especially ones from home! They really bring the Spirit up in my day.

As far as SCONT goes, the reason you guys never went to any of my events is because we didn't really have any. It is a much MUCH more significant deal than it was just a few years ago. So I am very happy for Emily to be a part of it and to learn and grow and gain important skills and knowledge that will help throughout all of life! It really makes a difference when you have good friends and good leaders that teach you how to be a good person. The learning atmosphere in SCONT is absolutely amazing. I got to see some of their meetings and stuff before I left when A. would invite me to a few things they had, and they are doing AWESOME! So, Emily, great job at the event you went to!! Sounded like a TON of fun! Stick with it, cause it is totally worth it!


That is so sad to hear about B! :'( That really, really stinks. Do you think it would be a good idea to email him? If so, just add his email to my contacts...thank you for letting me know. It is so sad to see people that we love and care about and that were strong and good go sooo far south!  >:( Satan is a BUTTMUNCH!!!

OHHH THAT’S where the money went! To my baptism pants! :) OTAY that makes much more sense. Haha. I told the bank that I'm in CA though, so they may not want you to use it from may just have to transfer it out... so yeah!

34/35 sleeves would be too short on the other shirt so just stick with the longer sleeves...IF you can possibly find a cheap, good deal on a slightly more fitted shirt though, that'd be awesome...but if not don't even stress over it. :) Just a mild preference. Haha.

I'm glad that D is having a good attitude towards his Savior even in his condition. It can be so hard to find hope in this life in a situation like that, and he is being just awesome about it. I really do love that man, and I hope that everything goes well for him, where ever his path may take him. :)

I am definitely taking care of my bike! :D It is GORGEOUS!! And I lock that thing up like I'm obsessed with it...possibly because I am. :D If there is nowhere to use the U-lock, I’ll use a chain lock that I recently bought, and use the U-lock to lock the tires on so they be stolen. :) Good boy!

Also, I'll keep an eye on what makes Elder S "tick" for Christmas. Haha.

Fun fact for the week, I am now on a smoothie diet to help cut some more weight and it seems pretty good! We'll see in a couple weeks how it really goes, but with mostly fruits and oats and such. It should work. :) Hopefully…

Other fun fact is that I found I am a fan of shaving with a blade and cream instead of electric. Although I hold onto the electric because it is reliable in case I run out of cream and can’t buy more or something.

One more little thing that I thought was nice and I forgot to mention...Every week on Thursday we do weekly planning and we use 'Preach My Gospel' to guide us through it. So the day before Elder N left he stuck a note in there so I'd see it on that Thursday. Just a note that says some nice things and says goodbye and stuff... it made me cry. He was a great trainer, and I only hope that what he taught me will rub off on Elder S as well. :')

Once again.... MUSIC!! :D The more the merrier! Haha.  (With keeping with mission "music rules", of course.)

OK, soooo, I love you guys a ton! This week has been a little slow but we feel we were productive in at least getting out and talking to people, but no one except for one family is actually progressing or anything. It is really frustrating. But we aren't discouraged...just annoyed at people. Haha. So that is pretty much this week. We dropped a lot of people that weren't really committed, so we have a lot of finding time…YAY!

Kay gotta run. Sorry it’s short this time...I can't seem to get everything out quick enough. :( I'll try to type a little faster next time. I love you guys a ton! OH!!! And work with the missionaries! That is my testimony. Members working with the missionaries is SO important! There are just not enough missionaries in the world to do all this work!! Even with the 80,000 we have right now. Members NEED to do their part! DON'T BE LAZY! DON'T BE SCARED! Just share what you love the most with the people you care about. That isn't scary at all. :)

Okay really gotta go now, love you guys! Take care!!
Here are a couple pics of Elders S and P. P is our DL (District Leader) and S is his companion, and is new like S  and also a visa-waiter to Brazil. :D They are awesome. :)

kay bye!

~ Elder 9 

This is Elder S

This is Elder P with my scarf, looking like a painting of Joseph Smith that we got for free from some Sisters! :)

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