Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mission Letter Week 17 - 11 November 2013


Sounds like this week has been a lot of fun for you guys and has gone well! I'm glad all is swelltastic back home. :)

I am soooo silly-happy right now it is crazy. I'll let you know that I am not the least bit depressed, discouraged or sad, but rather the happiest I have ever been in my life. This is SUPER hard work, but I can focus all my energy on it and I didn't know I had this much energy to put into it! When you only have one thing in your life to worry about, you can do some great work in that area. Lots of work. Cray Cray. So I am doing FANTASTIC!!! Two weeks ago was a little bumpy and rough to start out but as we progressed into the next week it just got better and better. :D

We are teaching a family now, M. and D., their 7 yr old son K., 16 yr old daughter M., and hopefully soon, their 21 yr old daughter as well. :) We taught them the Plan of Salvation just this last week and are going over on Wednesday to teach the restoration. We went out of order because D.'s concern started with the degrees of glory and when we explained that to her she was totally cool with it all. :) They have a friend in the LV Ward, and a bunch of missionaries a while back helped to move them from LV to RV :) So, yay for us! hahaha.

As for singing, I have not sung in Sacrament Meeting or Zone Meetings, but I did a little in District Meeting and I sang for B. because he wanted to know how well I could sing... he was happy. :D

G., we found out, has dementia and other "forgetty" type things going on in her head (she's a little old) so we are going to be working more with the rest of her family before we move forward with her, but our hopes for their progression are still there.

We didn't get to see C. and A. this week but we talked over the phone and hope to see them this next week. They are doing great, BUT we totally do need to actually meet with them. :P

We haven’t heard about the Family History work amongst the members yet but we should soon. We are hoping to get the members involved this way and if they don't...we shall force them! >:) Hahaha juuust kidding!!

(Mother’s note - this next paragraph was in response to my question if he was serving in an affluent area, which I had heard he was, and I asked if it was more difficult or easier to teach the gospel to these affluent people):

RICH PEOPLE SUCK (could of said that nicer). Everyone that we knock doors on (in that neighborhood) is a "jerk", no matter what we say and no matter the time of day or what they are doing... but we do it. We do it because it has to be done (in the Lord's eyes). There is always someone who is ready to listen to us. Just gotta find ‘em!

I'll work on getting more pics to you guys. :) We have been really busy so I haven’t been taking a ton of pics. Haha.

Okay, soooo we actually DON'T get 2 hr (to email), still just an hour and a half, and I have to email a couple other people so I gotta run soon buuut….

SUIT! So first of all, I have to tailor my pants...they are getting reeeaaallly baggy on me. They fall off even with a belt. ISSUE. Haha! So I'll be getting them tailored today somewhere. As for a suit, I found a REALLY Nice darkish lightish gray with pinstripes at Men’s Wearhouse, buuut it might be $x plus $x for taking in the bottoms of the slacks...I'll keep looking around for other deals. Let me know what you thing about that one though. Write it in the letter you send me. :D It is a beautiful one and it’s a Michael Kors, which is pretty nice...let me know what you think. :)

Gotta run guys! I love you all! Take care!

Elder Nine


From Daddy:

Your letters are ALWAYS worth the wait.

Remember Alma and Amulek who taught and had doors slammed on them. It was the “poor among them” that were open to hearing the word. But, you are right. YOU have to knock. You have to give them that OPPORTUNITY. Everyone will have the opportunity. Then it is up to them. Be happy and rejoice that you are His servant doing His will, knocking on the doors of His children. You are successful regardless of their choice to listen, and regardless of their attitude.


SUIT. That is a lot of suit. If your Mama had her way, she would get it for you tomorrow. Please tell me the size of the suit. I will see about negotiating from our end.

From Elder Nine:

I remember the cartoon from Living Scriptures of Alma and Amulek...remember that? “Hello, we are missionaries, and we-“ SLAM! … “Hello we are mission-“ SLAM! … “Hello, we-“ SLAM! … “He-“ SLAM! …… That’s pretty much what’s going on here. :D But it’s all good. :) You are right. They have to have that chance. Sometimes they need a hundred of them. But I have a new way of thinking. I do the work. I’m in the trenches and I shovel, I shoot, I work, whatever you wanna call it, and Heavenly Father puts everything else in place. I just have to keep going, doing my part. It’s really pretty easy when you just get in the right attitude. You gain a love for the work. I love it. :)

My size is 50L (long, not regular) with a 44W. Slim fit suit.  >:) Believe me. I thought it was crazy when he recommended it, but I put on the suit and it fit BEAUTIFULLY!!!! The best a suit has ever fit me. I was soooo happy when I put it on! Haha! So if we can get one that fits like that, that would be AWESOMENESS. 50L 44W slim. :D

When you say ‘negotiate on your end’, what does that mean?? :P

From Daddy:

Don’t know.

I know we don’t have $X today. But, I do have a Men’s Warehouse nearby. I have learned the ancient art of negotiation from my 5 year-old son. The boy who never, ever took NO for an answer. Let’s see what I can do. However, I may have a problem locating something both darkish and lightish in the gray department.

From Elder Nine:

I have 9 min till I get kicked off sooo………

From Daddy:

That means, 8 more replies

From Elder Nine:

Haha, so the color was just a nice gray. Lighter than charcoal but darker than a super light gray. :P With some nice pinstripes, fairly close together. So yeah. Yes, my Padawan, go negotiate. Make me proud. ;) Let me know in the letter Mama sends in the mail. :D I'm going now. Love you Brak. Take care.

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