Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mission Letter Week 14 - 21 October 2013

Hey guys! :)

Everything is going super awesome!! SO first of all, B has been officially referred over to the Ward that he lives in. He was going to move over into our boundaries but plans changed, sooo that was super sad. But he is getting baptized and confirmed THIS WEEKEND!!! :D And he is so totally gonna make it, not even an issue. He's already been interviewed and everything so it is SET! We called him and his wife last night to see how the new Ward was and just make sure they made the switch okay and he was SO COOL ABOUT IT! He's not even a member yet and he's talking about how he wants to do his part to roll up his sleeves, get to work and help strengthen the Ward!! WUT!! He is SO COOL! :D So even though he can't be going to our Ward on a regular basis, and however sad that may be, we are so insanely happy for the choices he made and the life he is now living. :) Elder N and I cried last night, just about when we were talking to him (B) and he was saying how happy he was that we had been the ones to teach him and most importantly, how happy he was that he has made this choice. He has already felt how very right it is for him and he loves it. And we love him. SO MUCH. I had no idea you could love another person SO MUCH when they're not even related to you. We were just so happy last night and all day today. :)

So that's the news on B. :) I believe I sent you pics of him and his wife with us and the S's right? HOLY COW the S's are so cool. I think I already talked about them but they are worth repeating about. :) Sister S is Brazilian and makes my favorite food out of all the people in the whole Ward. :D SO GOOD!! And Brother S is just a way chill guy and they are both such a huge help in teaching people, befriending them and making them feel like part of a family. AWESOMESAUCE.

R is doing very well still too and should be getting the Priesthood either this or next Sunday! And he is also starting Family History work and temple work! WHAT A STUD!! He's so completely cool. :) I'll get a pic with him this week and send it next P-day! OH and fun fact about R: he spent a few years in the Navy around '94 or something like I thought that was worth mentioning - haha.

To answer some of the questions, being with a companion 24/7 for everything, within sight and sound besides for the bathroom and special interviews...really isn't all that weird, haha. I don't know if I just got used to it really fast or just hung out with the guys back home too much but it just seemed normal right off the bat. I think starting off being comps with Elder C really helped too. We had an instant connection that cannot be broken. Ever. Yep, lots of love right there. Maybe a bit bromantic. haha!

I got the letter on the 19th so about three days...not too shabby! (Mom asked how long it took to receive letters)

I haven't been able to talk to the Zone Leaders about Skyping yet but I will try to find out in the next week or two.

By the way, I don't think the white baptismal pants are gonna work out after all...what should we do about that?

I DID GET A COAT! I LOVE BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY!!!! :)  I got like, a Perry Ellis or something that is apparently worth a lot and a Polo sweater for under $100!! Wadduuupp. Oh, and the jacket, the Perry Ellis one, came with a super soft scarf. :) Lots of happy.

Transfer meeting is a week from tomorrow but I will most likely be staying and training a new missionary.… “no big deeeaalll”. YIKES! And Elder N will most likely be going ZONE LORD....Sorry I meant Zone Leader. :P He'll do great too I'm sure. President has been calling less and less experienced missionaries to have leadership positions because we quite simply don't have the time these days to be taking it easy. They make you grow up fast here if you haven't already. It will be a good thing for everyone though I think.

(In reference to the Halloween costume on Bob that he won “Scariest Costume Ever” award at our Ward Fall Festival) Daddy, only you could pull off a scary Pooh Bear! ;) And I think BD was very right about what he said! Haha! But I love the costume and Emily did an AWESOME job on the ears!

Emi, it sounds like you had a ton of fun with the party then, and all the dressing up!! We are going to a party this Saturday and I'm going as..... a missionaryyy!! OOO super scary!! Hahaha! Just kidding...but we hope to be able to dress up a little bit at least. That'd be fun!

'SCUSE ME!!! My sister is not old enough to be doing this "growing up" nonsense (and going into the Young Women’s program at Church for 12-18 year olds)!! NO MAM! Nuh-Uh!! That is so crazy cool awesome Emily!! BEEHIVE TIME WOOP! (Beehives is the nick-name for the 12-13 yr. Olds) That is uber exciting for you! :)

And it sounds like you are really enjoying SCONT and MCO Choir and all your other awesome things! I'm glad it's going good for you there!

I love the pictures guys. :) I'll send some too in just a bit. I BROUGHT MY CAMERA THIS TIME!! Brother M is super awesome here at the Family History Center and texted me to remind me this time LOL! I'll put in a pic of him too. :P

Well, the work here has been picking up and we are finding lots of people to teach who really care about what we have to say and who are ready to make commitments with their Heavenly Father, so we will be seeing some good progress soon! I'm gonna end here now and start sending pics! :)

~ Elder 9
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is my beautiful self :D Selfie!

Here is Elder N during a long day of weekly planning. :D

A letter we pinned on our wall that a little girl, Camille, in our Ward, gave us after we went over and cleaned up their back yard. Her mom is recently divorced and has been really busy so we helped her with some things that she couldn't do, like the yard and such. :) Lots of good service!

Some shoes another missionary gave me. :D

This is Brother M who comes in EVERY Monday with the missionaries to help them out and keep an eye on them for emails at the Stake Center. :) He is COOOLLL! We all love him a ton!

L-R: Elders N, M, A. Elders M and A are in the LV Ward. :)  This is N sitting on my bike and not being able to touch the ground.... He's a little short. :D

This is me wearing the watch Papa gave me. :D  If you can get that to him somehow, that'd be cool. :P

This is my old injury. :D  it's all gone now but this is what it used to look like. :)
That's all for now.

Till next week!

Elder 9

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