Monday, June 9, 2014

Mission Letter Week 46B - 03 June 2014 (Handwritten)

Hello Family!

Sorry this week’s emails were a bit short! The time we had in the morning was less than an hour and then later my time got usurped with praying about how to reply to someone's email…. I am so sad when I see people make wrong choices. They truly break my heart....I pray for them. 

On another topic, I am super pumped to be in this area! It’s not been “perfected” by missionaries, but angels go before us at all times preparing the people…but organization is also nice.

There are a lot of good members here, even though a bunch are moving or dying… awkward.  And there’s lots of potential for this area to totally blossom with work, but there’s a lot of prep work involved, which hasn’t even begun yet. I can testify to the world right now that if the members of the Church of the Lamb are not FULLY involved with the work of Salvation, progress will hardly occur, if at all. WE must do our part. Missionaries don’t stop being members… and members should never stop being missionaries. They are one and the same calling… I just get a name tag and ties, and paid travels to California…… :D

Can I please just take a moment to BEG everyone that reads these words, if you have even a “Particle of Faith” in your Savior, act on it, don’t procrastinate, and dedicate yourself. You will NEVER lose anything worth keeping for doing that.

In John 17:3 we are told that the whole purpose of our living here and now is to come to know of our Heavenly Father, to KNOW Him, and the same with Jesus Christ.

In Alma 34:15-16 we are shown the power given us through the Atonement to achieve this glorious feat, and in verse 17 Amulek exhorts us to pray for that love and mercy to completely overwhelm us and our ridiculous sense of “justice”.
Love your Savior enough to obey. Love yourself enough, too.  TRUST, OBEY, WORK. My personal self-made motto… for the mission, and life. The gospel of Christ is applicable in all circumstances.  USE IT.  LIVE IT. Live THROUGH it.
Kay, I have to sleep now. I already broke the rule of staying up too late… :(  Love you guys!

Keep up the awesome!…. and stop any dumb!

- Elder “Nee-Nay”  (nickname courtesy of Elder Johnson)

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