Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mission Letter Week 48 - 16 June 2014

HELLOOOOOOOO FAMILY! I have many much things to says!

I may not have time for everything so if I miss out on details at the end, I'll let you know and then snail mail you!

BTW Elder Block says HI!

I THINK The DearElder letter came first...but I didn’t really pay attention until I actually got the letter and read that part...oops...

My bike is fixed and the guy at the shop is super cool. I made a good working relationship with him and now he will love ALL missionaries that come through...which will be a lot as that’s the only shop in town practically. :D He actually hooked me up with a discounted price on the service AND brand new Redline pedals (because the ones my bike came with were busted because they were plastic so I had some ghetto ones on there.) So it’s running like a champ again! I thought about it and I might get into road biking and trail riding when I get home as a hobby and form of exercise. :D

We are working with Susan, and her daughters Gabby and E'moni,  Cory, Cameron and Rian, and Kathy... oh and Isabelle ... they are all non-members. We are also working with less-actives... apparently... but we've not met almost any of them yet because they’ve been on vacation... oi.

OH. MY. GOSH. I very seriously cried tears of complete joy when I read the comments Stephanie and Hannah made!! I am SO happy that things seem to be going well now :'D

I don’t think you ever sent me Emily's response to that you should. :D

(Daddy) Another year of summer camp, gone by. :) I hope it was another good one for the books. I bet Girls’ Camp will be VERY different! But you'll take care of ‘em! And Emily, have FUUUNN!! And learn as much as you can! :)

And I guess to expound a little.. I find it interesting that people these days will find the silliest excuse to not go to church and to justify a way of life contrary to the gospel...and then they believe that that will quell any guilt or sorrow...but it only makes it worse. The best thing to do is trust the Lord and push through it, otherwise you get stuck. It's like when you're four-wheeling and you're taking a big sandy hill in a nice big ol' Jeep, but at the top when you start to lose momentum you give up and just press the brakes...even though all you had to do was drop it into low and push a bit harder! Kinda like when we were biking uphill against the 25-28 mph winds..."almost there"..."Stay on target!" ( I am totally convinced that Star Wars is doctrinal....if you look at the story in it, it tells the restoration!!)

The two most important things to remember in the Church is that you MUST be obedient (after finding out for yourself, of course, through the Spirit, that who/what you are following is truly of God), and what other people in the Church do or say doesn't change a dadgum thing.

BTW great to hear about Elder Yan! I emailed him today too. Read his emails as well. :)

It's funny you say that I sound like Elder Peterson in the video because I’m pretty sure, as I said, that that is part of the reason we got transferred...we were becoming the same person. XD

Okay two last things.

First of all, I was shocked at the experience I had when I got to meet Elder Nelson...It blew my mind the moment I realized that talking to an Apostle was hardly different at all than just talking to another was a far cooler experience than if I was like "OH MY GOSH IT’S AN APOSTLE!!!”, and treated him like a celebrity. We have similar callings...he just has more Priesthood keys and responsibility… though I certainly do not put myself on that level at all...I just felt a brotherhood with him...

The other thing is, YES, I LOVE the Wilsons. They are FANTASTIC! You asked what caused me to bring that up...recently I have just gotten to know them more due to talking to them at conferences and emails with President...and there is also the fact that lately missionaries and members have been complaining a lot about rules that President has set up for us so we can work more effectively and finally I'd had enough.  So I just dug in those stubborn feet of mine and said THAT’S IT! President Wilson is a man both called and inspired of God the Almighty! And anything and everything that he commands, will be taken as a direct command from God! I will support his rules and commands 110% and will not sit idle while I hear others bad mouth him.

I’ve had to say almost those exact words to some missionaries and even members. It is sad, but some people truly do not LIVE their testimony when they sustain these men and "claim" that they know it’s true...otherwise there would be ZERO complaining. And we do NOT have to be perfect to accept that fact. I know that because I've done this I'm NOT perfect in the LEAST.

And with that I bear my testimony. Not to add more words, but to let you know these words I have spoken are true. Obedience. Good Attitude. LIVE IT. I Exhort all within the reach of voice to LIVE THE GOSPEL and the testimony you claim to have!!

I love you guys and I will talk to you next week :)

Elder 9

(Sodas make me sick now… it’s been 8 months…BLEH!)

Photos that were sent to me by a member of the Church who lives in Ridgecrest - a wonderful surprise!

Helping put up chairs after a special conference they had. His companion won the Best Joke contest, earning him the rubber chicken! :D

I guess Elder Nine wanted it pretty badly though! LOL! ;D

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