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Mission Letter Week 47 - 09 June 2014

“The Record of the Stripling Warrior as he travels from the promised land to the Land Desolation…”

So I made a song...I might film it sometime and send it to you...if I can get a guitar to borrow for a couple minutes from someone...we will see. :)

HI FAMILY!! Hope everybody is doing swell :)

Yes, I DID get to meet Elder Nelson of the 12 Apostles this weekend, along with Elder Nash (1st Quorum of 70), Elder Martinez (2nd Quorum of 70) and Elder Garns (Area 70, 5th Quorum), and it was AMAZING! I also sang in the quartet that President Wilson asked for, with Elder Johnson (Lead), Elder Kimball (alto) Me (tenor) and Elder Marrott (bass) and Elder Sawyer on the piano, and we sang “Ye Elders of Israel”. It was FABULOUS. May have also made President Wilson cry...while he was speaking...The whole meeting was great and we learned a lot about how to be better people and better missionaries as we strive to become effective instruments in the hands of the Lord by obeying Him, living the gospel, living through the Atonement and so forth. It was very good. And Elder Nelson also counseled us to get a good wife (or a husband in the case of the Sisters) was a little awkward but still nice... :) and then He said "But don't think about that too much right now!" hahaha!, Elder Nelson is HILARIOUS! It was a lot of fun as well as uplifting.

Also, at the conference, I got to see Elder Peterson again!! We embraced like family when we saw each other! :D It was a most glorious reunion...he's ALWAYS smiling and when I was up on the stand in the quartet he was smiling and listening and for some reason it was hysterical so it took all I had to not bust up laughing! XD I REALLY LOVE Elder Peterson. He is my mostest favorite! :)

I also got to see Elders Johnson and Flint again (Elder Flint got transferred though so they are no longer a companionship), Elder Marrott of course, and his companion, "the other" Elder Peterson, Elder Jones ("docta jones!!"), Elder Bird ( beautiful man right there), Elder Patterson who was my District Leader when I was with Elder Snyder, and lots of others. :D I love every single one of these Elders I've mentioned SO MUCH. OH! And I saw Sister Peatross and Hermana Dodge again as well!! And Sister Melton is in my District once again. :) Those are three of my absolute favorite Sister missionaries. They are ROCKIN' it.

I just want to take a moment now and talk about President and Sister Wilson. They are my favorite missionaries in this entire mission...and the world. I love them SO MUCH. Anytime I talk with President or Sister Wilson or have an interview with them, all I feel coming from them is complete LOVE. Sometimes frustrated love or tired love, or over-excited love, but always a Christlike love. It's SO nice to know that I have them to rely on, aside from the Savior of course, as He is my first source in ALL cases. To know that there is someone ALWAYS ready to help out and give advice...again, aside from the Savior. It is great! :) I really can feel their testimonies as they speak. Not just in meetings, but even in one-on-one conversations when they happen, and through emails with President Wilson. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father saw fit to put me here with these two incredible people to be my leaders.

So, times are good and the work is improving...there is a lot of progress still to be made with the ward but that will come. We are starting a scripture study class, like we had in Palmdale 5th, and it’s going to be great...once we let the Relief Society know about this social thing... XD and we are getting a lot of other things started too, to get the members involved and get them out inviting people to go, do, see, hear, and live! It's an exciting time...or soon will be in the Ridgecrest 1st Ward!! We are going to rock this transfer and many more hereafter and are expecting LOTS of miracles as we work our backsides to the bone in faith and diligence. GLORIOUS WARFARE.....(as a YSA in Palmdale put it...)

And with that I'd like to close by saying thank you for that quote by my good friend, E Taft BOSS (Ezra Taft Benson), about obedience… (Mom’s note, the quote was: "When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, then God will endow us with power from on high.”) I saw that on our fridge (at home) and always thought it was a ploy or just another quote to get me to do whatever my parents said.............Good one. Good one. I can pull pretty dumb ones you know....I now know far better and see that it’s not about getting me to do anything other than that which will make me happy for the eternities to come. Other than being obedient to see blessings and miracles. Thank you for the inspiration! (Mom's note: YES!!!! He gets it!!! ;) )

:D BTW, the purpose for the title of the email is simply due to the fact that Ridgecrest defines the appearance explained in the Book of Mormon of the "Land Desolation”! :D

So, I’d also like to say thank you for sending me that letter/message you got from J. She and B are SO COOL! I love them to death. Literally. And beyond. And yes I have heard that story before but it is very nice to see it again and to keep a copy of it. It is so powerful to hear another’s conversion by the power of the Spirit as they rely on their Savior above all else! :) They really get it. They know and live it. And it makes me cry with happiness knowing that they are preparing to enter into that great and everlasting covenant of marriage, which is ordained of God, the Almighty. Nothing is more important than making and keeping those covenants we make in the temple and now they get to do that!! WOOOO!!! Talk about wanting to scream from the roof tops and shout it out loud!! Rascal Flatts puts it well "I wanna stand on the roof tops, climb up the mountain tops, baby, scream and shout!!" (Okay, maybe the song is a little out of context...but anything involving love can be turned to the gospel! :D )

I have taken a liking to making cover versions of Disney songs using my own lyrics as they pertain to missionary work BTW...again I might film some of those and send ‘em your way. :D

Business: I have been doing the best I can to baby my bike and tune it up myself, but I have to say it is well past it’s due date for a pro-level tune up and it needs it quite anytime you guys are ready for that, let me know and we can do that...there is a less active brother here who is willing to help missionaries for free or maybe discounted prices, pending on the work and he might be able to help out a little, but I'm thinking I'll still need money as it is going to be quite an ordeal… Last estimate I got, a while back, was around $60 but by now for a full body tune up it MIGHT be closer to $80..........I will get an estimate this week.  (after emailing back real quick and telling him I put money in his account to cover this and to please make sure he locks his bike still, he replied: “I lock it every time :) THANK YOU!!!!”)

Music: As my dearest mother has so well pointed out in the past in previous emails, my taste in music has perhaps improved in some manner...and I greatly desire to haz da classicalz moosekick! :D So I know it may be a hassle, but if you just happen to be sending a package sometime, please feel free to throw in some Chopin or Mozart or Bach, Rockmononov (yes I spelled that wrong) or any other classical composers you can dream up... you can get creative too. :D The more the merrier.....okay I’m done with demands now hahaha... <3

Okay, I’m going to Drop Box now to put up vids and pics! :)

I love you guys! Anyone within the "sound of my voice" As it were...

~ Elder 9

All of the following pictures were taking this last Transfer Day. The Elders are all life friends now, they have all served together in one capacity or another and share the good, the bad, and the spiritual and have overcome much together. They are growing and maturing together and bonds people. Also some families/friends they said goodbye to that had become special to Elder Nine and his companion. Goodbyes are hard. Even if you are a good looking goofball! ;)

Goodbye, Palmdale. You've been good to Elder Nine and his companions.

On the road to the next assignment. Ridgecrest.

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