Monday, June 2, 2014

Mission Letter Week 46 - 02 June 2014

Hey Guys! Ridgecrest is pretty sweet....if very brown and dead....but then again most of the mission is. XD

Sunday was great and good to see all the members. I feel like I don't quite have my feet on the ground in a new area until I get to church. :P

My new address is:
(If you’d like his new address, please email me (Teri) at as I no longer post it on here.)

Send me many much letters and gifts! Hahaha JK...but really...but JK..... :D

I will definitely be writing letters by hand....just gotta make time...but I will!

Is Elder H the one that knows Elder E?? Because I have a selfie with Elder E at Transfer Meeting (don’t have my camera but we will be back later to send pics :D, around 130-ish here.)

"Believing Christ" is AWESOME. There is very little reading time so mostly I’ll read it at night before bed, after my journal, but it’s great!

I hang my Texas Flag ALL over the apartment!! It’s awesome! :D

Speaking of apartments, I apparently have a reputation throughout the mission now, along with Elder P, Elder M and Elder T. P., M’s comp, of having the CLEANEST and most ORGANIZED apartments in the MISSION. Elder and Sister B helped a lot with that in teaching us what it means to have a clean apartment and so forth. So, as frustrating as it is (for you), I have NOW learned to be clean and organized...sorry it took me so long...but now I'm on an OCD level. XD

EMILY YOU’RE A BEEHIVE COUNSELOR!!! WOOO! You are already rockin’ it! :D I hope it goes well. Teach ‘em how to be as awesome as you OK? Because people need help with their "awesome levels". Most seem to be lacking these days. :P

Mama, yes, I iz quite sure aboot the long sleeves. :P It keeps the sun off and looks classy. :D

We will try to get a picture with our ties. :D

Good to hear about V and L! (2 missionaries who are recuperating from surgery)

Yeah, Elder K is a ZONIIEEEEE!!! (Zone Leader) :D He's gonna be great! Those Texas boys...they sure know how to work. Man....

The four of us definitely have each others emails! Also, speaking of staying in touch, Elder J contacted me through our ZLs and said that he and I, along with Elder M and Elder K are going to sing in a quartet on Saturday for the Conference with Elder Russel M. Nelson!!! :D IT’S GONNA BE SICK!! ( mom's note: "sick" = awesome )

So anyways, there’s all the info stuff. I will email again later with pictures and spiritual stuff. :D I like this new set up haha. LOVE YOU BYE! I'll get on around 130 or so.

~ Elder 9

Second Email later in the day:

Okay. So, unlike other averagely intelligent people, I forgot my camera again...but I do have pictures! So I'll send those next week. :D

Is Jessica in NY now, btw, with the family? I have a letter for her but don’t know where to send it.....

I will write a letter for you this week too. :)

So once again, I have noticed how absolutely vital it is to center our lives on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If we do nothing else in our lives but focus on living through that sacrifice and obeying the commandments we will still be incredibly happy and it will give us everything that matters.
I am incredibly tired right now and so I am sorry about my short email and lack of pictures… tired spiritually and physically.

We have spent the last week fixing up the apartment, cleaning up the area book, meeting investigators, less actives, and actives, doing weekly planning and getting the area ready...IDK if I told you but Elder P and I left behind our last area COMPLETELY perfect and prepared. EVERYTHING. From clean apartment to perfected area book to totally prepared investigators. So, we have been doing that and are still working on it and plan to see many miracles here. If there is anything I learned outside of the Power of the Atonement the last two transfers with Elder P it is that a clean apartment and having EVERYTHING well organized and then working your butt off is the best way to show the Lord He can trust me. Showing Him that I can keep people in mind and care for them and watch over them. It’s about gaining trust with the Lord, and the members too, to get referrals. haha. ‘Kay, I gotta go soon....

I love you guys!

~ Elder 9

This photo was sent to us by Brother W. in Ridgecrest on Sunday evening, after Elder Nine and Elder L. had dinner at their place. Yippee for wonderful people who think to send us photos!! :D  SO THANKFUL!

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