Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Transfer Day Photos! Yipee!

Well, after being in Palmdale now since August 2013, Elder Nine has been transferred to Ridgecrest!  He is very excited for the new adventures awaiting, but it's also a bit painful for him to part with Elder P.  They became quite close as friends and mission companions and shared many things in common. He told us once he was been very spoiled and blessed to have excellent mission companions so far. I must agree with him.  God speed, Elder P.! (At least we have the comfort of knowing that we've made life-long friends with both Elder P. and his mother!)

Now, enter Elder L.

Elder L. and Elder Nine were in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) together, in the same mission "District" together in the MTC, in the same mission "District" in Palmdale, and now they are mission companions. It's like a long-lost buddy just about! ;)

So here are some photos that my wonderful, fantastic, new friends took at the Transfer Meeting.  I needed to see this boy tonight! He warms my heart, though I miss him greatly. He always bring joy to my soul!

Left: New missionaries in the MTC
Right: Ten months later, new companions in the mission field
Elder Nine and Elder L

And here are Elder Nine and Elder E. 
Elder E., we found out, just happens to be BFFs with Elder H. who is currently serving in our ward here in Plano!

The world keeps getting smaller!

I've only been asking for him to get this next picture for 10 months!
And in all honestly, he wasn't the one who took it, or even thought of it!
Brother W. (a member who was present at Transfer Day,) is the one who captured this one!
Thank you, Brother W.!!

From left: Elder L., Elder B., Sister W., Brother W., Elder O., and Elder M.

Elder Nine has served in the same District as Elder O. and we posted a CUTE video of his laugh a couple of months back. It is a contagious laugh! Too fun!

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