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Mission Letter Week 42B - 05 May 2014 (Handwritten)

Sink of the Mayo, 2014 :)

The Book of Elder Nine

Chapter 1

My Beloved Family,

1. I speak unto you now, to share with thee, my beloved family, yea, even the details that I could not share during email, as the natural man, even the imperfections within, enticed me to forget my notes for email.
2. And behold, my family, I now have these notes, even the very ones I forgot; And as I sit here upon mine bed, I recall now that the desires of my heart began even with wanting to talk about our many journeyings and adventures into abandoned homes/yards… :D
3. Yea, the spirit constraineth me to tell you, my beloved family, that when we did see those two people in that very abandoned home, yeah, when I, Elder Nine, did chase after them with all urgency, I did look at my companion beforehand and even did ask him if he would join me and, with all diligence, pureness of heart, and the spirit of the Lord burning within or breasts, we did agree to do this thing of insanity TOGETHER!
4. For behold, our only true desire, being the same as that of our Father who is in heaven, was to teach unto them the things of the Gospel, yea, even these same things that our Savior, Jesus Christ, did teach the people of His time, which we knew within our hearts would bring them true purpose, even an unshakeable faith in their Redeemer.
5. But, it came to pass, that we were not of the opportunity to catch these, our brethren, and teach unto them these things in our hearts, which had been given us through the Spirit.
6. And our hearts were much grieved…. So we ate lunch…

Chapter 2

1. And now behold, my beloved family, I do change subjects to that of the M family, that I did see them at that, the great day of service where people in the land of P Stake and even the people of the L Stake, our brethren, and other of our brethren from the lands round about.
2. Yea, remember, remember my family, that they, the Ms, were the same awesome peeps that did let us skype from their home at Christmas.
3. But I do also warn you of the error of thy ways, my beloved family, that ye may know it was not Brother M that did attend the Family History Center to assist the missionaries there, who were in the land of L Stake, but, rather, Brother M.
4. But behold… no worries. :)
5. And it came to pass that I did remember a thing which brought much joy and laughter to my heart.
6. Yeah, this thing that happened that did bring such joy to my heart, did happen at emails when I was talking with my beloved district leader, Elder M.
7. Yea, and again, this thing did occur when he, Elder M, showed unto me some pictures of his family, who are super cool by the way, and I did chance upon an image of his younger sister, K., and I did spaz greatly at her adorableness…
8. And it came to pass, that after I did spaz so greatly, he, Elder M, did ask me if I wanted her email address… DUH! OF COURSE!
9. Yea, and I did email her, and, by Elder M’s permission, did say unto her something like: Hey! This is Elder Nine. I’m in your brother’s district and he gave me your email because I wanted to email you because you’re cute!
10. And now, my beloved family, calm down, because Elder M told me to do that because he said it would make her day…we shall see.

Chapter 3

1. And it came to pass, in the sixth hour of the writing of this letter that I, Elder Nine, did speak with my companion, Elder P, and did inquire of him what I should write.
2. And it came to pass that as he did ponder upon my words he did say unto me, thou shouldst write unto thy family of how AWESOME your companion is!
3. And behold, I did just that. Yea, even I did, and do now, write of my companion, Elder P, and his awesomeness!
4. For behold, my beloved family, my companion is great in the sight of the Lord our God, even that he is a wondrous example of humility, diligence, and Christlike love.
5. And now, my beloved family, I do desire now to give unto thee the wisdom and knowledge that the Holy Spirit of the Lord has given unto me.
6. Yeah, I say unto you, seek first, above all else, to come to know your Father in Heaven, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Seek after this knowledge through thy faith, and exercise thy faith even unto repentance and a love of thy God.
7. Seek to gain a great love, also, one for another, that ye may feel the Holy Spirit of Promise abide more fully and abundantly in thy home.
8. Look unto the Lord thy God for ALL things..even help with the silly things in life….and trust in His redeeming love, and try His words to do…wait…dadgum hymn lyrics…..
9. I beseech of the, my beloved family, that thou wouldst do these things, that we may join in rest in the heavens above, after this mortal doth pass by.

10. Yea, and I give unto you my love, that ye may know I think of thee often, and do pray for thy welfare and happiness.
11. And behold, my family, I bid thee farewell and God speed. May the Road (life) rise to meet you, may the wind (Spirit) be always at your back, may the sun (Son) shine warm upon your face. May the Rain (blessings) fall soft upon your fields; And until we meet again, may He hold you in His hand. May God hold you in the Palm of His hand. Amen.  [This last part, where he quotes the Irish Blessing, is a very tender and sacred blessing which Bob informally invoked upon Elder Nine when we hugged him goodbye in our home one last time, prior to leaving for the airport so Jonathan could leave for his mission. Both Bob and Elder Nine have been members of Barbershop Choruses, plus we have Irish in us, so this poem-song has always had meaning for us. Bob was not able to finish it all. The lump in his throat and the leaky faucets impeded him from doing so. There was just a silent, long, heart-felt hug, and then "God speed." So reading this was quite emotional for us, as you can imagine.]

So, hope you liked that. Thought I’d spice it up a bit… I hope you can read it okay, haha.

Love you guys!

- Elder Nine

P.S. Yes, I totally free-styled ALL of that! :D

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