Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mission Letter Week 43 - 12 May 2014


So, in all fairness, the whole head-leaning picture with Elder P, he gave in first, and for the sake of companionship unity I HAD to follow... :P hahaha - but we had a TON of fun skyping with you guys, and the Ps! :D We were laughing at it for a little while after as well. 

(Mom’s note: Elder P had laid his head on Elder Nine’s shoulder while we were on Skype with them and we missed the opportunity to take a photo. When we asked them to redo the position for a photo, they both declined. Pretty soon we hung up and they called to Skype with Elder P's family. Next thing I know, Elder P’s mom snatched this photo and sent it to me, saying that Elder Nine told her ‘now my mom would be upset because we didn’t do it for her.’ Haha! Yep! I’m upset! Those little stinkers!)

Elder F was never our District Leader he IS our Zone Leader along with Elder J…it's like a Stake President, and a District Leader is sorta like a Bishop.....but not................yep! And yes, Elder M is our District Leader. :)

Yeah, you're telling me! I was WAY surprised when I thought of a medical career! I had NEVER considered that before and now it seems like a total possibility...who knows? Anything can happen...literally.... :) So that was an exciting moment.

Elder P: Is going to need surgery for a torn ligament in his left thumb. Pretty minor but a cast or brace will be necessary for a couple months at guess is he is going in a car area next transfer. XD It turned out it wasn't a dislocation but a torn ligament like I said, so we ended up going to a "hand and upper extremities" guy. I was surprised by how young a lot of the doctors there were. Like 32 yr old or less...maybe I never noticed but they just seemed a lot younger...maybe I’m just that much older haha!

So that's the scoop!

I shared mostly everything else during Skype, so this email may be a little short.

I want everyone to know that I am SO happy to be out here in the California Bakersfield Mission doing the Lord's work and I wouldn't be anywhere else!!....Unless I got reassigned of course...... :)

And with that I leave my testimony that God is Real, God is great and God is Love. Trust your Heavenly Father to have what’s best for us in mind, and lean on your Savior.

I love you all a TON! Have a great week! :)

~ Elder 9

These photos were texted the following day to us moms by Brother M when Elders F, J, P, and Nine all went for dinner. (The Elders had skyped from his home on Mother’s Day).

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