Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mission Letter Week 42 - 05 May 2014

WOW!  Lots of stuff to share and very little time. The manager at Best Buy actually super duper loves us and we actually give good publicity for them, haha - But we can only have 4 of us in here at a time so between here, the library and the family history center we have to cut down on time and have assigned times which might change every week...we will see.

So, Hi guys!

Emily, that is so AWESOME that you got to share your testimony in church!! I did too! :D I started out by saying, “ALOOOOHA!!” Like I was from Hawaii!! XD There is a guy in our ward, KL., who is from Hawaii and he is SUPER cool and he did that in his talk a few weeks ago and so since I was the last one up to talk and everyone looked like they were about to fall asleep I thought I’d start it out with a little wake-up call. :D It was a lot of fun haha. I REALLY wish I had been there to see you go up and do that! :) It feels good doesn't it?! Scary at first, but awesome!

Keep bearing your testimony, not just in church but in easy ways to your friends and stuff because that's how it gets stronger! We have to live it and say it all the time. :D NICE WORK!!

THE Z's ARE SERVING ANOTHER MISSION?!?! That's what I wanna do! :D Serve two or three senior missions… I’ve actually seriously considered that- haha.

And LS. is going BIG!! WHOOOOO!! Good for her. :D Another random thought that popped into my head was maybe I could do something musical outside of choirs and stuff when I get home. Whether it be a local group that does fun shows for people or bigger than that, either way, it could just be a little adventure. haha.

That is SO SAD to hear about the M's :'( Tell them I love them and am praying for them! A LOT! They are very good people.

WE DID GET THE SINK OF THE MAYO PACKAGE!! :D We all had a blast with it! haha. It was short-lived with few pictures though because it was the middle of the day and we had to get back to work (middle of the day as in lunch haha.)  (Here's Elder F with one of the goodie bags that was included in the care package.)

We forgot to bring Elder P’s camera though, so we will send the pics next week...I also didn't actually have the time last week to send the camera back but I will do that today!

I did not meet Elder T cause I reported to the MTC July 24th, so I missed him by a week or so.

I got your letters...forgot to bring my notes to emailed though. I’ve been carrying a notebook around like you said, just a 99 cent composition one and write things in that that I want to email home about...but we were in a rush today and I forgot it as I left out the door. :P

RJ is NOT getting baptized this Saturday anymore because he hasn't been letting us give him the full lessons. :(  He will get there though! So that has been postponed for a while now.

P and T are still not married.... One day!

C and A we haven't been able to meet with in a while and it’s kinda scary because they say they are "confused about things.” So we need to get over there ASAP!!

R is doing well but needs a testimony of the Great Apostasy before we go any further. :P

Brak, I do like the should get it!!

Man, That Gladys Knight event sounds awesome and I wish I could have seen that! :)

With that, I will leave you with this. Firstly, I LOVE that article from Stephen E Robinson. It is AWESOME and very, very true! In fact that last portion you sent really helped out with a recent convert, J, and some issues he was/is having!! It is so vital that we focus on the CORE of the gospel of Jesus Christ and not just the little peripheral stuff. The Atonement is what it is all about. We have to see that we can be healed. That we can be MADE perfect. Christ already was and is perfect. We can be made like Him and our Heavenly Father through the Atonement. We can BECOME Celestial material if we LET HIM IN. I love the love that He has for us.

With that I must close...I love you all very much!! Have a good week!

~ Elder 9

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