Monday, May 26, 2014

Mission Letter Week 45 - 26 May 2014

As watching too much Star Trek taught me, all good things must come to end...including serving in one of the best areas in the mission!! I LOVE Palmdale and I WILL come back to visit after my mission. :D

I found out, yes, I am getting transferred, and apparently they put on our missionary portal now where we are going and who with…. soooo I'm going to Ridgecrest 1st Ward, area 2, with Elder L from my MTC District! We will be biking again. YAY FOR HEALTHY!!!

Yes, 3 of us are getting transferred and it is sad to leave...but exciting too! I think the hardest part about all of this is leaving Elder P.

I will be happy to buy something in my new area even though you know where it is now! XD haha.

We did sing in a quartet on Sunday, singing “Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide”. It was SO GOOD!....not to brag or anything...

That is a little...........different to think that there are people asking if I'm single or not....I'm practically married to my companions and girls are hardly a thought at all right now so when it’s brought up I’m like.... "......." and that's pretty much it.... XD

That is cool to hear you guys are involved with the missionaries a lot! And sad to hear that a good one is leaving...I have a transfer journal too! There are a lot of people I am definitely going to see again and visit afterwards. :)

We have spent this last week getting ready for transfers as we both felt very strongly we were going to get transferred. So we perfected our area book, prepared all our investigators for the new missionaries, tied up loose ends and kept working our butts off. Quite successfully! We are tired and excited and bummed all at the same time!

If there is one thing that is vital for all missionaries to remember its that transfers are 100% inspired and it has nothing to do with President. It’s all 100% God's will, simply being executed by President... I tell myself this every few minutes when I think how much I want to be in a car area. XD

I don't have much else to say as this week can be summed up in one word.... AAAAAHHHHH!

Yes...very accurate if I do say so myself, Dear Watson...

And with that I will leave you with pictures on Drop Box!


~ Elder 9

P.S. - I’m sorry my emails are shorter than you’d like - btw, I saw that in the letter. Truth be told I’m a less-than-average typist and we keep getting our email time cut shorter and shorter. Hopefully in my next area that will change... we will see.  And… I got the pic of B&J! :D It was good to see them again and in front of the Temple too! Good one! :)

If we go to Cali after my mission we need to come to P5!!! haha

Oh....btw....when I get need to give me a back scratch!!!!!! Companions are nice but not mamas! :P

I’ll send an email describing a couple pics… (10 total)

4246 and 4247 are us with the E family (one of my favorites in the Ward along with the L which I will have pics of tonight and send them next week!)

4249 is N.V.

The one after that (4251) is J.J.  (recent convert of about 7-8 months), N, and RJ from left to right

4253 is M.J., in our Ward and the next (4254) is his fiancé

4255 is B.H. and he got called to the Colombia-Bogotá Mission!!! He and I will keep in touch over email. :D

The last two (4256, 4257) are Elder P (Comps with Elder M in the YSA Ward here. Elder M is our DL ‘till tomorrow.)

And, with that, I gotta go! I'm super late now. Love you, bye!!!

Below are photos which Elder P. emailed his mom and she forwarded to me.

Elder Nine and Elder P. with Bishop S. on their last Sunday in that Ward.

Elder Nine and Elder P. with J.J., a member of their Ward, on their last Sunday as companions and in that Ward.

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