Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mission Letter Week 44 - 19 May 2014

Well...we are getting transferred...we haven't gotten the call yet but I am convinced we are both getting transferred if for no other reason than that we have TOO MUCH companion the point where we are finishing each other’s sentences and become this strange, single entity that just rolls around on bikes and demolishes devils and proclaims the gospel on every street corner......sorry. I get carried away easily...So that is why we are both convinced we are getting transferred. And who knows, maybe I'll get a car this time! XD

Braky (Mom's note: "Braky" means “Daddy” or "Jonathan" depending on who's saying it; term of endearment between them), that is good to hear you and L are getting out and getting some real man-work in there. A lot of my favorite memories include us working...and usually with something very manly like a chainsaw or pickup truck...or both. :D

And that ward talent show sounds like a ball! XD Especially with you and D dancing know that's one of the sketchiest places right? No one knows what goes on backstage...unless they catch you and put it on a video for the whole ward to witness… I wonder when that's ever happened… lol!

Emily! You performed on piano in front of the ward!! How did that feel?? I’m sure you were a boss up there! :D

It sounds like you just keep having one adventure after the other! Keep building your testimony and let other people see it! It is the best feeling ever when you can share your testimony with someone and then they change themselves for the better because of it. :) Keep being awesome, use your talents to do great things and remember that I LOVE YOU!! :D

Also, Elder P is healing up quite nicely and really the only thing worth talking about is that he has to wear a cast on his left hand for a few weeks. It really ended up not being a big deal at all.

I did hear about L and V getting sent home (for medical purposes)…really sad to hear. They are good guys…

For the pics, Elder P sent them to his mom and so I thought maybe you could get them from her… because that's all the pics...and it will save time for me to write more. :) (Mom's note: Elder P only sent one photo. Here it is - with his "Get Well" balloons his mom sent him after his surgery. What  a thoughtful mom!)

We found out we couldn't go AirSoft shooting after all so we never did go. That was truly a sad day.

Most of my mementos will be in my journal and study journals...we were actually encouraged not to buy a whole ton of souvenirs and the like sooooo I might make an exception every now and then but the important stuff I will already have. :)

The rules for dinners have not changed...I assume you ask because you want dinner pics? Will do. :)

YES! JustServe is a new missionary program that is just now starting up and it’s about keeping track of hours for proselyting, service and weekly planning so we are even more accountable for our time and to encourage community service! Which happens to be my favorite type of missionary work. :)

If I’m going to send it back (the Christmas stocking) I will need money.... :P

So guys, I want you all to know how much I love you. I really truly do. And nothing in this world could mean more to me than the love of my family (besides that of my Savior of course), and I want to say thank you for being such a great support to me in this time of my life. I see miracles, I see devils, I see saints and I see lost people (that could be a song almost) and the most intimidating thing to know is that we are the front line units...not the missionaries… US - The members of the Church of the Lamb. We must be valiant and steadfast because NO shortcomings will suffice… and we can only meet that standard with Christ helping us the entire way. Stay strong and fight the good fight. I love you all! Have a good week!

~ Elder 9

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