Monday, April 28, 2014

Mission Letter Week 41 - 28 April 2014


So today started out funny. Elder P and I sat in bed staring at each other for about 40 min........and then we ate breakfast. Yep. Slow start. :D

Sad news first, the battery charging pack you sent fits all the batteries in the universe but I will be trying to send the box back, along with my camera and battery. That way there can be no mistaking... :D SORRY!!

We have not written thank you notes ‘cuz its been a little busy but I will definitely be making time for it!

I don't know about the Phantom of the Opera thing though...that took a lot of........ sucking in................. yep XD we shall see!

(A package for) ALL FOUR OF US?? We are SO EXCITED!!!!! And Elder F and Elder J and Elder P say thank you!!! They will probably write a thank you letter though when we manage to squeeze the time. :)

The day of service was AWESOME!!! We did some outdoor painting on the playgrounds and such at a huge park and did some more dirt moving too! :D It was a lot of fun, and a lot of missionary work happened with the members! Mucho greatness-o…. IDK if there were any pics taken but if there are I will hunt them down... This whole no camera thing IS a bit of a bother, isn't it?!!?

Sorry about no snail mail. Again, time. We get back to the apartment by 9-930 at night, plan for the next day, clean the apartment a bit, write in our journals and it’s 1030pm already!! We need 48hour days! :D That would be awesome!

As for my Book of Mormon reading, with patience (and humility), it was funny, this week I started getting more and more into it and then things started making me more and more impatient......stupid devil. Jerkface. So we have been working on that. :D It's going quite well actually. I'll share some notes and thoughts next time when I get them organized. haha!

RJ's baptism is set for the 10th and confirmation on the 11th actually... IDK if you just accidentally mixed that up or if I miss-typed, haha. But we may have to push it back again as he keeps putting hanging out with friends as more important sometimes...just being a kid. But hopefully we won't!

I DID get the letter you sent on Saturday!! :D


HAHAHAHA when you said Japanese speaking (for a mission in Mexico) I was like WHHHAAAAAAAA????????? Cute. Real cute. Hahaha, but that is AWESOME!! Could you tell him congrats for me and if you see them give them a huge hug for me too! :D

WOW! The DMCO Concert sounds like it was mind-blowing!! Maybe I'll join when I get back! :D That would be way awesome... maybe TOO awesome..... "ITS BE AWESOME!!!!!" to quote Rhino....

I'M Jealous you keep meeting Glenn Beck! I wanna ask him SO many questions! He has a conversion story that is flying around this mission on CDs and it is AMAZING. And powerful.

I had a thought btw. I want to do a semi solo hike when I get home at some point...semi solo meaning with you of course, but I thought it'd be fun to just hike, the two of us and have a swell time!! :D like a campout, backpacking type of thing... :D


TWO CONCERTS!! YOWZA! I bet you were exhausted after all that! I know I was usually pretty tired if not wiped out completely after big concerts and the like. It feels good though!

Friendships made in choirs are really something special aren't they? There is just something magical about singing with people that makes you care about them and want to just be great friends! I'm glad you are getting to feel that, ‘cuz it’s one of my favorite feelings in the whole world!

It can be sad to see people leave too, but we will meet them some point. :)

HAHA! That's funny about the girl in front of you that you talked to though! Orchestras can be VERY impressive, and even loud at times. :P But again, MAGICAL!!

Love you too Emi!!

Guys, those pics are great! :D BROTHER R!!!!! TELL HIM I LOVE HIM!!!! And that choir looks absolutely incredible!!! I'll use another fancy word....Majestic! With the stars and stripes, the buntings, and the awesome choir it LOOKS awesome!! That's SO COOL!

OH! Funny story this week, we went by this one house that had a note saying it looked abandoned but a potential investigator used to live there (there are more abandoned homes here than I'm used to seeing…. California… *shakes head*) and we showed up to abandoned we pounded on the one....then we see someone dart through the back door!!! So naturally I do the smartest thing the situation could ask for....I ran around to the backyard at top speed and jumped through a hole in the fence and chased after what I found to be TWO people!! They hopped the brick wall in the back, so I did too, but by the time I got over there, they had taken off across the open plot of land and out of our area I couldn't follow...otherwise I would have!... :D TEEHEE! So that was an adventure!  (Mom's note: Great! My son is gonna get himself killed by an armed gang member one day! Boys!)

We also found some bike trails through the middle of a two square mile patch of desert that is a shortcut into our area!! :D Instead of taking 35 min to get into our area, it now only takes 15-20!! WOOP! Yay for off-roading! Bike areas are the bomb dot com. Yes. I spelled ‘dot’. Judge me. ;P

So I DID take my clothes in to get tailored, and it was about $74 altogether...for everything. Expensive, but cheaper than buying new stuff, by far! So now my black suit coat will fit me and my slacks and EVERYTHING! BTW, I may go to ROSS today...and I was wondering if I could get some khaki slacks? Elder C said he got his for $16. If not I totally understand, I mean, I did just get everything tailored.....but it’s summer, and light colors are nice...but it’s not a big deal, just a preference. Lemme know. :)

WHY did you leave me with a cliff hanger with that talk by Stephen E Robinson?!!?! GAH! It was super good. :)

In answer to your question about the "opera music" in the background of that voice recording btw, it was "the Lamb of God", which is EPIC!  It’s a whole performance thingy. And yes, my taste in music HAS improved...though I will ALWAYS listen to country music. >:)

I saw Sister D at service on Saturday!! She Flipped when I said I knew J!! IT WAS GREAT! Apparently she worked for him to pay for school!!! hahaha.

I also saw President C and his family there and the M too!! (the Ms let me Skype for Christmas last year at their home. :) ) So it was awesome to see some families from the RV Ward.

Speaking of Skype, we will probably be at the M family's home on Mother’s Day after Church (which ends around 2-230, anyways) and will Skype then...on the TV! >:) AND! Elder P and I were thinking it would be fun if we both Skyped his family, and then you guys, or vise-verse, and both talked with you guys! :D COOL!?!?!? Lemme know what you think. haha.

And with all that fun stuff I leave with my testimony. Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and strength. He will protect us, sanctify us, purify us, and guide us. Lean on Him because we are hopeless without Him. I love my Savior and I will always trust in Him. In alma 36, while Alma is telling his son about his conversion, after he shares that experience he finishes with "I Will STILL put my trust in Him" (paraphrasing of course) but it shows that when we exercise our faith we can be confident time and time again that He will deliver trust. :)

Love you guys! It’s been a great week and we are hoping to see a lot of miracles! BYEEE!!

~ Elder 9

Photos of Elders Nine & P that were texted to the Nines and the Ps from Sister H in P on 4/26, the Day of Service, with the note: “Your son is sitting in the back of a tiny little pick up.” Then later she texted: “My name is Sister H. He said to tell you “Te quiero mucho”. ("I love you very much") We’re at a Day of Service for the 4 stakes in our valley today” MADE. MY. WEEKEND.

“4 stakes” = approx. 10,000 people! Or course not all of them showed up, but it still gives you an idea of how many people there were, and the large area this covered!

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