Monday, April 7, 2014

Mission Letter Week 38 - 07 April 2014

Hi Guys!!! So first of all it sounds like you guys had a swell time with General Conference!!! WOOOOOO!!!! It’s almost as good a feeling as going to the Temple!! :D Allow me to share my favorites from this conference: Jeffrey R Holland Sat Morning sesh, talking about us being called upon to defend our faith...and I don't think it WILL happen, I feel it IS HAPPENING! We have to be strong and stay close to Christ in these the toughest times of all the history of the world as we know it, because as Bilbo Baggins says, when we step out that door, if we don't watch it, who knows where we'll end up...paraphrasing of course...Elder S left that quote in my "Transfer Journal" (a journal people you know in the mission write in before you split ways in case you never see them again till after.) My other favorite talk was by Dieter F Uchtdorf in the Priesthood session, when he talked about "Are you sleeping throughout the Restoration?!?!" DON’T DO THAT!!! Let the gospel live inside of you and become the best you can be through Christ. And then share it with others.

Holy Cow Emily!! That is a GREAT picture of a bird!!! :D Can you send me more drawings?? If you have time....maybe of one with me and Jesus being buddies or something. :DDDDD OH! And how is Personal Progress going??? Any cool projects or activities so far with it or with the YW?? Sorry I gotta keep it short...

RW is going to Frankfurt?!?!?!?! WOOOOO!!!! Tell him congrats for me!!! :DDDD

Ooo, could I get R's and J's email addresses? That would be most swell. :D

IDK if I've already mentioned this but I FLIPPED when I read that bit about Elder H (your ward) and Elder E being best friends!!!! SUPER DOPE!!!!! He and I flipped about it together later that day. XD

You asked how I like the W’s.......I LOVE THEM!!! They are SUPER HEROES!! President W is a champion and I am pretty sure that Sister W is one of those angels with a flaming angel, but armed. XD She is amazing too. :) I love talking with them when I get the brief opportunity to because it’s almost like talking to you guys....but not. :P

Elder P and I continue to get along better and better as the weeks go by XD and it gets funnier and funnier too! hahaha. We are seeing SO many miracles out here! It’s crazy! I can’t even count them....over email at least haha. no time. :P

That "Tattooed Mormon Gal" you mentioned in one of your last two letters is Al Fox, and she is one of my heroes! And...very possibly extremely beautiful too, but that is totally beside that point. XP She is a great example of what it means to live through the Atonement. :)

Elder A came by a little while ago and met us at a members home!! He is doing WAY better and is still fighting his way back out to the mission field. :D

You mentioned and Elder C, and I think you meant C haha. I haven't heard from him recently but I have a hope and a faith that he will still come back out and we will be companions again. :D

Feeling the Holy Ghost in my life is seriously the best thing in the whole universe. I love it when I can feel the love of God over-power me and corrects my own sense of ‘justice’ (which, my sense of justice makes me feel like "I'm not worthy, I can’t"). It is MOST glorious! :D

The D family is doing great and we got to teach them the Restoration...well, the first bit of it, and they still have a lot of questions!! We are excited to keep working with them but for now that’s all there is to say. :)

The V family is awesome too, though they still have a long ways to go. H is still being poopy and N is still a punk kid, but whatevs, right? So RJ is actually 11 and N is 13. A is 12, H is 16 and K is 2... :3 and super cute!!

Okay one last thing and then I will send the rest via snail mail.

In regards to what I said last week about talking with President W. What I thought I had to do was repent again and go to a Priesthood Leader………but that wasn't it at all. I have already repented. I haven't broken that covenant since I repented. What I needed and still need to learn is how to accept God’s love into my heart and into my life even more than I already have to have ALL my burdens, not just some, lifted off of me. I misunderstood some of the impressions I received so I jumped the gun...but I explained everything to President and we should be good now. :) So it is just a personal transformation that I have to go through spiritually... :D YEAH!

Okay, the rest I will write in a letter tonight and try to get it out by tomorrow morning! I will write in reply to everything else in your most recent snail mail letter and in reply to what you asked about what I learned with Ben Wendt... :D Love you guys! Keep pressing forward, and Godspeed!

Elder Nine

Photo sent to us by Brother C after A's baptism.

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