Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mission Letter Week 37 - 31 March 2014

Holy short time batman, we have to make this one a quicky! Yes, boy wonder! We must make haste and use all our swiftness and bat-skills to do this job!

SO HI FAMILY!! I have approx. 15-20 min to type this up...and GO!

SO. V family update. A is getting baptized this Sunday after General Conference and RJ is getting baptized on the 26th of April!!!! WOOP!!! Much awesomeness is going on here. We also found a new family to teach, the D family, C and A are the parents. They are SUPER cool and have a ton of questions and are VERY interested.

This week I have learned quite a bit as far as the Atonement goes.....which is everything…actually, today specifically, I learned the most. Elder W came to town on Saturday and we did our studies this morning with him. He and I talked for a good hour during that time and he helped me to find out for myself what it takes to have real success, spiritually and as a missionary. We have to love ourselves and we must come to know God, and the more we know God the more we know ourselves, and the more we know ourselves the more we know what Eternal Life will BE. By reading John 17:3 (THE MOST important scripture in ALL of the standard works and EVERYTHING), D&C 29:36 and Alma 34:15-16 you can see the scriptural base behind all of that...unfortunately I have ZERO time to elaborate. D:

THANK YOU for the packages!! We loved them!! All the pics had to be taken on P’s camera because the USB cord you guys sent me was one size too big... I need you to please get the next smallest size down. :P I'll send this one back with the stocking too. And talk to Sister P about getting pics. Long story short, I needed to talk about something really important with President, so Satan decided to make all the computers here stop working for me.....not even kidding.

THE TEMPLE WAS AMAZING!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT AND SWELL AND FANTASTIC AND GLORIOUS and when we came back we were SO pumped to do missionary work! XD

IDK if I got your last letter but I got one early last week....or something like that...I didn't get a chance to take notes on it though so I’ll have that and more for next week!!

I still don't know exactly which songs are by haven't answered my question of who they are yet.

I did not feel the earth quake but probably just because I wasn't paying attention...some other Elders did though..

BRAK the scout camp looks like it was a blast!! I miss those days :) Maybe we'll have some more in the future, eh?

Emily! You gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting!! WOOOOO!!! NICE WORK! I would have cried if I had seen it in person :))) and it sounds like teaching on Sunday was fun too! :D

Sorry this is so short guys. Interesting day… I will probably try to make time for a snail mail letter for tomorrow morning to mail out. :) Love you guys! BYE!

Elder 9


Elder P's mom and I have met online, and we decided it would be fun to "exchange" sons and send them care packages.  So we each told each other what our son likes, and then we set about putting together our packages.  We decorated the inside of the boxes and filled them with ties, socks, belts, chocolate powder since both boys love chocolate milk, their favorite candies and chips and Jerky, and even plastic toy chickens that "lay" jelly bean and gum "eggs".  We also included a letter with lots of cute and funny photos of our son 'through the years' with the stories typed out to go along with them. They had clear instructions to WAIT until they both had their packages before opening them. That way they could open them together and take PHOTOS for their moms.  So here are the photos.  Funny story:  Elder Nine's package arrived 3 days before Elder P's.  Therefore Elder Nine had an excruciatingly painful 3 days that he had to WAIT and only smell the box, before he could open it! hahaha!  Oh!!! And yummy part:  They both got homemade cookies!

Hope you enjoy the photos as much we Mamas enjoyed seeing them. :D
Elder P opening the care Package that Sister Nine sent him and enjoying the goodies

Elder Nine trying and then finally opening the package that Sister P sent him (Hahaha! Sister P said she wrapped it up REAL GOOD! hahaha! Look at Elder Nine's face on the bottom left! Play time is over - now it's "Get serious about this" time! lol!)

The bottom right photo he's smiling super big, because the inside flap said: "Smile! It makes everything better!"  So Elder Nine smiled real big!

Elder Nine enjoying his goodies from his package

Elder C and Elder Nine celebrate their Birthdays at the LA Temple!!

Snap photo in the car - Now why does this face of Elder Nine's seem so normal to me??? ;) lol!
I MISS that boy of mine!  He and Elder P are loving their "singing life"!

The End. (Until next week) ;)

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