Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mission Letter Week 39 - 14 April 2014

I'm staying in P 5th Ward!!!! WOOP! All four of us are! Elders J, P, and F are staying with me. :D

Thought I'd get that one out there right at first.  :)

So, once again, I am short on time…but starting next week we will be rearranging our schedule and will have more email time. :D

Brak, Good to hear about L and J. They are studs of the highest degree…you tell ‘em I said that too!

I will write a letter to Josh today and send that tomorrow. :D

It’s sad to see how many of today’s youth are getting pushed around so-to-speak by the adversary…someone better hold on to them nice and tight, ‘cuz it’s only gonna get bumpier!

Tell Brother W I love him too! :D Good to hear you guys are still having your play dates. ;D

Emily, that is cool that you are comfortable enough to talk with people, and even boys specifically, that are OLDER than you! That is a really good thing to learn early on and it helps a LOT in working with people and getting along with every one. :D Cory is a good guy…. crazy, but good. :D

The dresses look beautiful, Emily! I really like both of them. The Easter one is very bright and nice and the other one looks like it’s a little…flow-y…..not that that makes any kind of sense…oh well…

I love you too, Emily! You are the best little sister in the whole world! :D Keep being awesome and obedient! Love you!

Okay NEXT!!

Mama, as far as the 72 hr kit goes, it actually already has some good stuff in it and everything else I would want I would grab on the way out the door, :P but thank you!

The cookies were INSANELY delicious…sadly they did not last long though haha…I actually had a thought about packages from now on. Instead of sending junk food type snacks could you do like Nature Valley bars and Cliff bars and stuff? Things I can stick in my back pack so I can have something during the day that is good for energy but healthy too. :) Just an idea…a practical idea…it’s silly how practical and normal I think about things these days. It's like I'm growing up…yick. Not yuck, yick.

And the letters about Elder P and I were GREAT!! :D We had a swell time with those!!

P and T are kind of still where they were…because T is being a bum right now and not saying yes (to the marriage proposal)……chump…. Sorry…. Self, be more Christlike. :)

H and N we have come to realize are going to have to come much later…I don't think they are ready to accept the Gospel yet… Sad but true… It will be up to S, A, and RJ from here on out to take care of them…We have to find those that are ready to receive us… Like the D. family!! :D

They are doing awesome! We are really excited to see what comes of them…We have not committed them to baptism yet but we will soon. :D

RM is also doing great, though we have seen an issue, that he doesn't see the difference between our Church and the Lutheran Church… 'So, about that Priesthood authority…' :D

No one new as of yet but we met a lot of cool people lately and are hoping to start working with some of them!

Thanks for the pictures by the way!! I love the one of Daddy holding that beautiful new toy…I mean tool… >:D

I had a thought…could I get two new journals sometime in the near or distant future? One for study notes and one for another journal. I like the one that I have…. even for the study journal. Let me know. :) I'm good with whatever.

OH! You asked about that purple suit I was in…10 bucks at the thrift store……..hand tailored, Italian, fit me perfectly, PURPLE…I couldn't say no! XD

Fun fact for the day, the Pilot G-2 pens are now MINE. They are a beautiful thing…apparently it is normal for a missionary to find his inner pen-love while out on the mission.  I found mine! :3 Especially in cool colors! haha!

Business: I had a thought about my camera. What if we just got a battery pack charger instead of a cable?? The battery is a FujiFilm, lithium ion, NP-45A 3.7v, typ.720 mAh, min.700mAh 2.6Wh…..that’s all the info on the battery itself. :P Just another thought!

A realization and a comfort I received this week is that, no matter how sad it is to see people I care for and love, both at home and people I meet here, make poor choices or choose not accept the love of our Savior, I can take a comfort and peace from knowing where I am at, and know that I will be happy after all is said and done. Every once in a while that is all that even gets me through a day…and it also gives me the drive to share that with others. They just don't know what it is that they are missing….it’s HUGE!!

Well, I gotta go now. Hope that was everything…we shall see haha. If I forgot anything I will snail-mail it.

Love you all!


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