Monday, April 21, 2014

Mission Letter Week 40 - 21 April 2014

SO this has been a fun week :D

First of all, HI!!! Secondly, those scented letters??..................the other boys are just jealous >:)

I LOVE SISTER D!!! She is one of very favoritest mercenaries!!! :D YES I know she is from L...she and I were in the same zone during my first 2-3 transfers and got along QUITE WELL! We've seen each other every now and then and it’s a big ol' southern party when that happens! XD That is CRAZY to hear she is cousins with Brother D!!! WE KNOW EVERYBODY!!!

S IS GOING TO CALI!! WOOP! That is awesome to hear! :D

May I just say that when I didn't have a package by about Friday or Saturday, I told Elder P exactly what you told me about the package (that my mother has a different plan)…. We are linked...

Yes, the charger (for the camera) will be great. The cable the camera came with may be a special made one...which is silly...

I will let Elder F'll make his day... >:D

That is a very interesting thing you mention on the V. we are teaching RJ and he is progressing...but we just dropped H because she isn’t. We will definitely pray about it again...maybe more pushing is what she needs...we'll see (what the Spirit says).

HAVE FUN AT THE MCO CONCERT!!! Sounds like it’s gonna be EPIC!! :D

Brak, that is funny to hear about you forgetting your talk but then awesome with how the Spirit took over! :) Funny isn't it, how when we are (usually) prepared ahead of time, then in an emergency situation, help is already there...and it looks like L is growing up FAST! Is he doing any better with swimming these days? :D Good to hear you are helping to keep those boys on the track to manhood!

OKAY! So, for the title of the email (Phantoms, Basketball, Chainsaws and Dirt…) …This week in district meeting, on Friday, we had a "get to know you" activity to start out and we had to share Elder P and I sang the Phantom Of The Opera duet, and I took the girl part....I rather surprised myself with my good quality, very high falsetto…. Yikes! It went over very well! :D

We also played Pros Ball (Prahz Ball, for pronunciation) which is basically street contacting...when you see someone playing street ball and you join in the game...while wearing pros (shirt and tie). It was great! Met some cool people who we may get to teach this week...we shall see! :D

We also did service on Saturday… I got to use a chainsaw again!!! :D AND we moved huge piles of dirt with shovels and a couple pick up trucks...good manual labor. >:) Got to put those boots to REAL use! It was fantastic and we just spent an entire day working in the sun! I was the only one who wore a long sleeved shirt and brought 4 liters of water… I also was the only one not beet red and half dehydrated afterwards... Yay brains!

So like I said at week! We also taught RJ twice this week and he is understanding everything and just soaking it all up! He has a date set now for May 10th to get baptized (was in April but had to be moved). So we are excited to see this go well.

This week I started reading the Book of Mormon again but with a question in mind, like Elder Bednar said to think: ”How can I be more patient with myself, my companion, my investigators, and my trials?” Patience is the Christlike attribute that all others stem from just about, so I thought that could be a good one to begin with. :)

That's pretty much it for now! I love you guys!

Elder Nine

That picture of Sister M preeeetty much sums up her entire attitude. XD She is a FANTASTIC mercenary in the Lord's Army! :D If you remember, she and I came out together...I saw her middle of last transfer, my first one with Elder P. She was serving in the YSA (Young Single Adults) Ward at the time and was at the M’s home when we stopped by to talk to them! DM, their daughter, is a Ward Missionary for YSA...that's why they were there haha. And…. YOWZA! I knew she'd go leadership soon! XD She is seriously phenomenal! Good to hear :) THANKS!

I got these photos from Elder F's mom - and I *think* this is the whole District - These are all such awesome missionaries!

These next two photos were sent to me by Elder P's mom.... I bust out laughing! The "derp" face!

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