Monday, March 24, 2014

Mission Letter Week 36B - 24 March 2014 (Handwritten)

Hello Family! :)

Here’s all the stuff I didn’t have my notes for on Monday …..

I don’t remember if I told you or not, but in that pic with the Elder in a blue shirt, that is NOT me, that is Elder H. He came out same time as P and S.  Cool guy. :)

That pic was actually taken in SB… I’ve never served there haha. It was before transfers.  That also means that Elder F is not in the pic either, ‘cuz he was with me in P 5th Ward.

We had a great Ward Conference a couple Sundays ago where Stake Pres. H talked about a couple of things. First, Moral Authority. Whenever we are in a position to influence others, which is ALWAYS, we must have moral authority.  Basically what this entails is “living the Gospel diligently on a daily and HOURLY basis.”  It’s like the opposite of what a hypocrite is. :D  He also expanded a bit on consecrating ourselves. (1) We must make a “free will offering” of our personal agency by giving it to our Almighty Father in Heaven.  (2) It’s about stewardship. We own nothing. Everything and everyone was created by Him. Brings to mind what you said about “offering (me) up for two years.”  Same concept, bigger scale.  (3) Accountability. We must be accountable for our thoughts, words, and deeds, as well as what has been placed in our stewardship.

What is a testimony?  And what is a treu conversion? What is the difference? 

A testimony is what you feel inside when you hear a talk or something and you feel the Spirit testify of truth to you.  You feel it, or sense it… but it should only be a motivator, not what you lean on. True conversion occurs when you ACT on your faith and your testimony, and, as afore mentioned, “live the Gospel diligently.”  To bring hope and light to such a hard task, I think of the part of the verse in Mark 5:36, when Christ says, “Be not afraid, only believe.”  That was our MTC District’s motto…. 
What’s a motto? Nothin’! What’s the motto with you?…..

On another topic, thanks for sending photo evidence of my proposal to Lindsey! She is a legend in the missionary world, and NO ONE, NOBODY, would believe me… now they are SPEECHLESS!!! >:)  TEEHEE!!!!

Can we just talk about how awesome missionary work is?  HOLY COW! SO COOL! And the best part about it is this:  Missionaries are a resource ONLY!  Missionaries are a resource for teaching and are full time teachers.  Every second we spend knocking a door on an empty house at 11AM, is another second of members not doing their job right. Active members are full time finders and fellowshippers.  Says who?  Prophet of God. :D  This Ward has been great with giving referrals, finding people to teach and coming out to lessons.  P is the Promised Land, and P Zone is ZION ZONE!  Woot! Woot!

There are SO MANY PEOPLE just WAITING to hear this glorious message, and everyone in the Church knows at least TWO people who re totally prepared to hear it. JUST TALK!  ALL we have to do is be good friends, and because we love our friends, the Gospel doctrine will be natural and easy to share.  Especially with the resources we have at our disposal now!  So be friends with people. REAL friends!! :)

I’M GOING TO THE TEMPLE!! On the 25th.  We are going with Elders K and C (two of my absolute FAVORITE Elders) at 5am to get to LA and go to the Temple!  This will be my first time seeing the new video as well!  Elder K says out of the two we have now, this session will be playing the “better” of them. :D  I’m SO pumped!

Oh! By the way… if you can, and it isn’t inconvenient… MUSIC.  LOTS of Music! :D  And if it it also not too much to ask, could you try to keep Albums on separate CD’s?  It just makes it easier to pick an choose what to listen to and it stays consistent. THANKS!

I also don’t know if I’ve told you about this, but we hold a “Scripture Study Class” every week for members, less actives, recent converts, and investigators, and discuss scriptures from the Book of Mormon and Bible, tie them together and teach simple, pure truths of Christ and His Gospel… It’s AWESOME! And it’s a great thing to invite investigators or random people to, that is very non-threatening. So that’s been going very nicely. :)

It’s bed time now, so I bid thee adieu!  Ciao, Ciao! Boa Noite! (Bye, Bye! Goodnight! in Portuguese. :) )

P.S. I wrote this a day late - sorry!


Elder Nine…..

P.P.S.  I put the first “P.S.” before signing it… HA.

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